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Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight

Eros' POV

What the hell! I thought there was a fire. Her voice is not very pleasant to the ears. I've even started to have a headache. She should stick to making delicious coffee, rather than attempting to be a singer.

I unintentionally fell asleep while doing a job interview with her. I did not sleep well last night, and tiredness suddenly overwhelmed me. The thrill and pressure of closing a very important deal always put me on the edge; sleeping became the least priority. It was like an obsession, a ruling passion for power, authority, and total control. 

I stared at her: Jade Collins. She looked so innocent, like a pristine maiden, standing there in front of me. Her expression a mixture of surprise and delight. 

"I'm hired?" She replied. Her hands covered her mouth and her eyes were wide open. She really had amazing emerald eyes, very captivating. 

"Yeah, and you're going to start tomorrow morning," I said in a firm, authoritative voice.

"Yes! Yes, yes! Thank you so much, Mr. Petrakis! You're my savior. You don't know how important this is to me and my family." She was jumping up and down, so overwhelmed with happiness.

The thought of her coming closer and flinging her arms around me crossed my mind. No way, she wouldn't - but, what if she would? I wondered how would I handle a situation like that? 

I was so fascinated by her reaction. She was like a young girl, receiving a doll and balloons on her birthday. She had no qualms in expressing her feelings and didn't give a damn if she looked funny or stupid. I like her personality, very simple and no pretentions. So different from the girls I'd met.

"Here's my address." I handed my calling card to her, "I want you to be there at my apartment at exactly five o'clock tomorrow morning. Make sure to be there on time. I don't tolerate late employees." 

She grasped the calling card with both hands, then stared at it. "I'll be there Mr. Petrakis. I won't be late." She gave me a bright and cheerful smile, showing her braced teeth.

"Okay, so it's settled. You can go now, Miss Collins," I said, dismissing her abruptly. Even though I was amused by her personality, I didn't want to show it to her. 

As I came of age, I learned to take control of my emotions and refrained showing what I really felt. I had to be tough, courageous, and emotionally strong. I ran a multinational corporation, thousands of employees relied on me, even my family. Any sign of weakness could be used by our competitors, the business sharks, in the business world as a weapon against me and the company.

I diverted my eyes to the manila envelope on my table. I opened it and took the documents out, ready to scan the contingency plan that my father prepared.

But, when I looked up, Jade was still there, standing in front of me and not even moved an inch. She was twisting her fingers.

"I said, you're dismissed," I said firmly, emphasizing each word. I was also trying to intimidate her, to create a barrier between us.

"Um, ah... "

"Do you have questions? Or clarifications?" 

"Um... yes, Mr. Petrakis. How much is my... salary?" She said in a shaking, fragile voice.

"I keep my word, Miss Collins. I offered you thrice your salary at the coffee shop, so that's what you're getting."

She nodded her head and was obviously suppressing a smile. She was happy.

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