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Chapter One

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Chapter One

Jade's POV

"Good morning, Mrs. Chang. Did you sleep well last night?" I greeted my employer happily, Mrs. Grace Chang, a 65 year-old widow. I was concerned because she often had severe headaches and couldn't sleep well at night.

Mrs. Chang owned the small coffee shop, in Manhattan, New York, where I got my family's bread and butter. I worked from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. Monday to Friday as a cashier.

The place was understaffed, so I often worked all around. I did the waitressing, coffee preparation, and sometimes cleaning the place after work. I couldn't complain, since Mrs. Chang was paying me well. Actually, not so well, but enough for my family to eat a decent meal every day and pay off the bills.

"Hi Jade, yes, I did. The pain reliever I took last night finally worked," she smiled adoringly at me.

"That's good. What did the doctor say?" I asked while putting my worn-out leather bag and old knitted coat inside a closet, and then I adjusted my black wig and took off my eyeglasses, to clean the lenses.

"It's just a migraine, nothing serious."

I was relieved that finally she listened to me. I told her several times to seek medical attention, but she wouldn't. She had a phobia of hospitals, medical clinics, syringes, and doctors. She probably had a traumatic experience when she was a kid.

"George's wife had a normal delivery last night."

"Really? I'm so happy for them, after five years of trying, they finally have a baby. It's a girl, right?" I instantly became so excited for George, the barista.

"Yes, it is. Anyway, he can't report today. Could you fill in for him?"

OH. That would mean doing two jobs at the same time. Whew!

"Okay, no problem about that Mrs. Chang. I can manage." I smiled at her assuredly and fixed my crumpled brown floral vintage dress. Actually, it was my favorite dress and I loved wearing it often. It belonged to my grandmother, as well as most of the dresses in my closet.

It was already eight o'clock, and time for the Coffee Shop to open. I wondered why the other employees, Suzanne and Kurt hadn't arrived yet. Suzanne was the waitress, who took the order and served the food. Kurt cleaned the tables, the floor and the bathroom.

Recently, I found out that Suzanne and Kurt were lovers. I caught them making out inside the bathroom. They forgot to lock the door.

"You retard! Don't tell Mrs. Chang about this or I'm going to break your bones." Kurt threatened me. He even twisted my arm behind my back. A tear suddenly fell on my cheek because of the burning pain.

"I won't, I promise. Let me go, please." I pleaded and finally he let go of my arm.

"Good. Remember that." His eyes were glaring at me angrily.

I rubbed my arm, it was so sore and my flesh turned red.

"Now, go, ugly monkey. You're not wanted here." Suzanne laughed and pushed me out of the bathroom.

Yup, they often bullied me, calling me names and I was used to it. I pretended not to hear their hurtful words. I just avoided messing up with them. I needed my job so badly and my family relied on me, besides Mrs. Chang was a good employer.

"Jade, I'll be in the kitchen. Just call me if you need help."

"Sure Mrs. Chang." I put on a black apron, getting ready for the first customer. I went inside the bar counter and turned on, the electronic cash register, as well as the coffee machines.

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