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Chapter Four

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Chapter Four

Jade's POV

"Hey, Jade. Romeo is back, and wants you to make his coffee," Suzanne shouted behind me, that I almost dropped the bottle of milk I was holding.

"Romeo, who?"

"The guy, who looked like one of the Abercrombie models."

"Which one?" I asked Suzanne, but she already left, before I could even finish my question. I was in the kitchen, helping Mrs. Chang prepare the batter for the pancakes.

I went out of the kitchen and scanned the faces of the customers. Then, I saw him. The guy I bumped into, this morning, and the one who called me malnourished.

I saw him already left a while ago, I wondered why he came back. Whatever. I didn't care, anyway. I'm sure, he's also the guy that Suzanne referred to as Romeo, slash, Abercrombie model.

Honestly, I didn't like the guy, he was very arrogant and didn't know how to apologize. He regarded himself so highly, as if he was someone very important. Actually, it was his fault, why we bumped into each other.

I was hurrying towards the coffee shop because I was already late. I instantly recognized him, as one of our customers yesterday, when he came out of the coffee shop. He was walking so fast, without looking at where he was going. His eyes were fixed on his phone. I was expecting him to walk straight, but he suddenly turned towards me. I was surprised and didn't have the chance to evade him.

My face hit the wall of his chest so hard. I was instantly cocooned by his warm embrace. I felt the roughness of his hand on my arm and gave me a sense of protection. I devoured the moment and inhaled his pure male scent, a combination of fresh cologne, musk, and coffee. When I looked up at him, I was starstruck. He was indeed a very attractive man, tall, lean, with a beautifully proportioned body. His jet-black hair was silky straight and his face was bronzed with wind and sun. I felt like fainting, staring at him. His magnetic silvery-gray eyes melted my lower limbs.

Well, that was my first reaction. Ugh! I realized that he was not a Prince Charming, but a villain.

I thought he was a gentleman because he asked if I was okay. But, he turned out to be a pompous ass. I was waiting for him to apologize since it was his fault, but he never did.

Then, he called me 'so thin' and 'malnourish.' I was really offended. Well, maybe a bit true, but not to the extent of being malnourished. I looked thinner because of my height. I stood, 5 feet and 8 inches and weighed 120 pounds.

My impression of him? He was just like Kurt and Suzanne, a bully.

I took the order slip and read 'one coffee espresso.' Then, I looked at him. Romeo. Yup, that's what he is, a Romeo.

He seemed like an extremely rich guy, his suit spoke for itself. It was the kind of suit that famous celebrities and elite people wore. It probably cost, a month of my salary.

And yes, Suzanne was right, he looked like one of the Abercrombie male models. But, I doubt if he was one, since he was always on the phone, talking about business.

I stared at him for a few seconds, studying his facial features. He was indeed strikingly attractive, but with a bad attitude, just like a devil. Then, suddenly, his head turned and his eyes captured mine. I was so shocked by being caught staring at him. I felt so embarrassed. Gosh! I immediately looked away and pretended to look at the customers beside their table.

I went towards the coffee machine and made his coffee. I did an artwork design on his espresso, a double heart. Suzanne served the coffee to him.

Eros' POV

"I want her."

Donovan coughed and stared at me, his eyebrows pulled together in a crease. "What do you mean, Sir. YOU WANT HER, as in, you want her?"

"Yes. I want her, to make my coffee, every day." I sipped the coffee again. Great, so great. This coffee is so delicious.

"You mean, you're going to hire her?"

"Why not?" I replied, overconfidently. "I'll make sure that she won't turn down my offer. This is the best coffee that I've ever tasted. She's really amazing."

"She looks... weird." Donovan grinned at me.

"Weird? No, not weird. She's unique."

He coughed again and nodded his head. "Yes, that's what I mean, Sir. Unique."

When we finished our coffee, I went to the girl with the emerald eyes. She was in the bar counter, alone.

"Here's for our coffee." I gave her a hundred dollars then studied her facial expression. She was avoiding my gaze. Probably, she was embarrassed about the incident this morning.

"Your bill is only five dollars, Sir," she said, her eyes fixed at the order slip.

"Keep the change."

She finally looked at me. Her eyes were glassy and sparkled like jewels, as she held mine. She really had amazing emerald eyes. I remembered those eyes, that gaze, but I couldn't figure out where and when.

"Thank you, Sir. But, I can't. That's too much for a tip, in two consecutive days."

"You deserved it. You make great coffee." I was amused that she wouldn't accept the tip. It was unusual for waitresses or cashiers to refuse it.

"Thank you, but I just can't take it." She put my change in the counter.

"Jade," I read her nameplate. "Your name suits you: you have green eyes. From where are you, Jade?"

"Um... I can't tell you, Sir. I don't give my address to anyone. For safety reasons." She shrugged her shoulders and played with her fingers.

I was really amused. Instead of being offended, I found her funny. I was just asking where she was from and she was making a big fuss about it. "I'm not a serial killer, if that's what you mean. I'm asking you because you looked so familiar. Have we met before?"

She shook her head. "No. I don't think so. We obviously live in different worlds."

I knew what she meant. Yeah, we obviously lived in different worlds. The people that I mingled with, places I'd been, and the parties and events I'd attended differed from hers.

"Excuse me, I still have other things to do."

"Wait." I reached out and caught her hand in mine.

She gasped and instantly pulled her hand away as if my touch burned her.

"Work for me."

She froze and stared at me. "What?"

"Work for me. All you have to do is prepare my coffee, every day. No hassles and no work pressures."

"You're kidding me, right?"

"No. I don't kid around."

She bent her head and studied her hands. Thinking. Then, she looked at me. "I... I can't."

"Why not?"

"I can't leave my employer, she's so good to me and treated me as her family. Besides, I don't want to regret making any impulsive decisions."

"No, no. I'm not asking for your answer right now, think about it tonight. You can give me your answer tomorrow morning, no pressure."

She heaved a sigh. "My answer would still be the same, tomorrow. I can't."

"I'll double your salary here."

She gasped and her eyes suddenly widened. She scratched her forehead, then palmed her face. "No, I really can't, Sir. I love my job and I can't leave my employer. She needs me. If you'll excuse me, I'm really busy."

"Triple. That's my final offer."

She shook her head and smiled at me. I was amazed by how beautiful she was, when she smiled brightly. "No, but thanks for the offer."

Suddenly, all pleasure left me. Too bad, I love her coffee.

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