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Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten

Eros's POV

Fucking Shit! I groaned when I received another kick on my thigh. I was thrown off balance and landed flat on the floor.

Damn this big kid! My opponent was a previous Mushin Mixed Martial Arts Champion, Dick Reed. He was really good, so good; Donovan invited him to be my sparring partner this morning.

Kickboxing was a stand-up combat sport. I practiced it for self-defense, general fitness and as a contact sport. Donovan, who was a previous kickboxing champion, was my mentor. He taught me everything he knew about it.

I never experienced joining any kickboxing competition and was not interested in doing such. I had other priorities in life and many people relied on me. I was contented with inviting professional kickboxers, once in a while, to be sparring partners. We did it, thrice a week, early morning.

I sat down and slowly stood up, conserving my energy. I faced my opponent and through the right timing, I whipped a jab at his face, again and again, until he became frustrated and more aggressive. He made several counter-attacks on me but I evaded. I was dancing around him, landing jab after jab. The technique to distract, counter-attack, unbalance and gauge the opponent's reaction before applying a powerful strike.

Then, I made a swift glance at the wall clock, It was already 7 a.m., time for my coffee... I faced my opponent squarely, who already looked upset. In a speed of lightning, I gave him a fast jab that demoralized him and allowed me to execute powerful follow-ups with my other weapons, superior speed punches and kicks.

Instantly, my opponent fell to the floor, beaten.

After fifteen minutes, I was in my bedroom, removing my clothes, ready to take a shower. At the same time, I was watching at my 84-inch Internet TV that was also connected to the CCTV of the entire building.

I saw Jade in the kitchen, sitting there all alone. She was probably very sleepy because her head kept on falling off her shoulders. I grinned and went directly to the bathroom.

I removed the towel on my hips and turned the shower. I let the cold water run all over my body for a while before I shampooed my hair.

I recalled seeing Jade entered the building earlier. My eyes suddenly focused on her. I didn't understand why I found everything about her amusing.

I was at the back corner of the lobby talking with Dick Reed, the kickboxer. She obviously didn't notice me, because she was focused on answering the questions of the security guards. She looked like a scared rabbit surrounded by big wolves.

I immediately called the head security of the building, Rod Brent, "Cut the interrogation, you're scaring the girl. Let her in, now."

In a flash, Jade was escorted by Rod, going up to my penthouse.

Finally, I was able to sleep well last night. Our family dinner ended early because Mom had a headache. I knew it was just her alibi. She obviously noticed the tension that escalated between Kendra and me. 

I knew I hurt Kendra's feelings. I had to. She knew from the very start that falling in love was not part of our deal. She asked me a question, and I just answered her honestly.

I remembered the mixed emotions that played on Kendra's face when I said NO. She suddenly looked so pale, despite her heavy makeup. I thought she was about to cry and get hysterical. But, she cleared her throat and lifted her chin up. She appeared fully recovered. Then, she gave us her practiced smile, like she always did in her print ads.

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