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Chapter Nine

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Chapter Nine

Jade's POV

"Wow! Congrats sis. You made it," Sapphire exclaimed with glee when I told her that I got hired by Mr. Petrakis.

"Yeah. I still can't believe it. I've had to pinch myself several times. Finally, I got a new job!" I put my bag on the couch and removed my wig. Then I combed my ginger long hair with my hand.

"Did he give you the same offer?" Her eyes widened excitedly.

"Yup, he did. He's a man with honor." I smiled from ear to ear, sharing the good news with my sister.

"YES! Yes! Hahaha!" Saph shrieked with happiness, jumping up and down. Then I joined her. We were just like kids, leaping together with our hands clasped, then hugging each other. We couldn't help it, we were overjoyed. It was like hitting the jackpot.

"What's going on?" My mom came out of the bedroom. "What's the good news?"

"Oh, Mom! You won't believe it. Jade got hired by a billionaire."

"A billionaire?" My mom's eyes widened. "Who?"

"Eros Petrakis, Mom. His family owns a huge shipping company," I informed my mother, Ruby Collins.

"Oh my God! He's Markos Petrakis' son! He's extremely rich and very influential."

"You know him, Mom?"

"Of course. Their family is one of the richest in the world and very aristocratic. They were often featured in Forbes magazine. I've also read some rumors that Eros Petrakis is not an easy person to work with: he's a perfectionist, a beast in the workplace, and known to be very strict. He's a workaholic like his father."

"Yup, that could be right. He seemed so reserved, very formal, and so unreachable. I've never even seen him smile. If you've seen him in his office, you could tell that he only thinks about the business and money." I suddenly burst out laughing, thinking of Eros Petrakis.

"What's so funny about that?" Saph asked, observing my reaction.

"He suddenly fell asleep when he interviewed me."

"That's so weird, why?" Mom asked curiously.

I shrugged my shoulders and laughed aloud.

"He was probably bored with your story," Saph tried to guess what really happened. Then they started laughing at me.

"Maybe, but I think he was just so tired. I was trying to wake him up, but he was sleeping so peacefully. So, I decided to wake up him up, the same way I did with Dad."

"Oh NO! Don't tell me you sang 'I Will Always Love You?' Hahaha!" Saph's eyes widened then suddenly, she burst out laughing.

"My goodness, Jade. Why did you do that?"

"I don't have a choice. Or else, he would sleep till morning. I already waited six hours to have that interview."

"Sis, you are incredible! I really admire you, you are the best. Hahaha! So you woke him up with your screeching voice?"

My face flushed. I suddenly felt so embarrassed about what I did. I wished I didn't sing. Eros Petrakis might think that I was so stupid. Darn.

"Yup, and now I regret doing it." I know I sang like a badly drunk karaoke singer in pubs, but I loved music, and I loved to sing, but it seemed like music didn't love me back.  

I used to sing in the shower and poured my heart out every morning before going to school. It was my way of waking Dad also. Yes, he would wake up because of my horrible voice. I became his alarm clock. My family often teased me about it that it became a household joke. I had to at that time, so we wouldn't be late. Every weekday, he would drop me in our school before he headed to his work.

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