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jungkook pov

" Why the fuck were you so rude to taetae like that?! "

Once I heard yoongi call that brunette boy taetae, I started boiling up. I'm absolutely confused on why I'm suddenly feeling this why but hearing yoongi call the other like that extinguish something deep inside me.

Like if yoongi's mouth is not allowed to call the other like that. Like if yoongi's kindness to the other is forbidden. Like if-

Like if taehyung was mine and no one was allowed to near him.

" why the fuck are you calling him taetae?! "

" because he's my good friend, because he's my taetae "


Such small word that which were able to trigger something in me that I never knew I held.


" what the fuck is wrong with you jungkook!? "

I stormed into my once deserted room, ignoring the other on my way and leaving him unanswered because right now I honestly don't know what the fuck is wrong with me.


taehyung pov

I peeked my eyes open, feeling a tiny foot glued to my face. I slightly moved it away, trying hard not to wake the little woozi in front of me. I adjusted his position, making him so that his head was actually rested on the pillow and not dangling from the bed. I quietly left the room, closing the door behind me.

I skipped my way down stairs, hoping that jin made pancakes.


jungkook always made me pancakes..

Pancakes in which once showed his love for me. Fluffy pancakes that he would once feed me after all my whining and begging. Pancakes that I will never be able to taste ever again

I slowed down my movement, realizing that jin making pancakes is not such a good idea after all.

Once I turned the corner I came upon jin's back facing me, he was cooking what I assume eggs and bacon. I slipped into the chair, observing his moment. He has not yet sensed my present.

I finally decided to speak up

" jin "  I called

I can tell he was shock by the way he flew off the ground, eggs flying in the air and quickly flopped onto the dirty wooden floor

" tae you scared me " he sighed as he looked down, eyeing the eggs that just had fell from their death.

I focused my eyes on the ground, fiddling with the hems of my Pokemon pajamas
" sorry "

" it's okay baby " he cleaned up the mess, discarding the now uneatable eggs into the trash bin.

" jin? " I whispered

He hummed, placing a plate in front of me. He then slipped into the empty chair across from me.

" can we go to the mall today? "

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