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jin pov

I love kim taehyung

I always have and I'll aways will

since the day I came across him, I knew I loved him.

Maybe it was the way his light, fluffy hair shadowed his small, cute eyes. Maybe it was the way his eyes were able to capture anyone who come in sight with him. Maybe it was the way his unique box smile was able to make my stomach bloom flowers. Or maybe it was just because he was kim taehyung.

That day, were I came to meet the small, squishy boy was the day I dedicated my life to make him mine


On that night I took a role in which my love for him was forbidden. I became his mom. How could I not? The poor baby was suffering all by himself with no one willing to help. He needed me, not the way I want him to need me but he needed me.

I pushed all my feelings back, locking them away securely.

" I'm kim taehyung's mommy, nothing more "

That's what I once told myself

The day taehyung introduced me to a small, bunny like boy named jungkook, was the day I realized I lost the battle before it even began.

He loves him

That small, bunny boy was able to catch the heart that was out of my reach with no effort.

How was he able to catch that heart so easily?

And I wasn't?

What's he got that I don't?

I can't feel nothing but happiness for him. Nothing but joy because I had no right to take him. Not right to feel pain.

Years past and those feelings that I thought would fade, grew even more. Everyday that I spent with taehyung, I feel for him more.

One dark night I was so close, so close to kiss him. He was sound asleep and those plump, pink lips were making me feel forbidden things. I hovered above him. hands positioned on the sides of his head making him trap. I admired him in silent, loving the way he's hair flopped over his face. How his chest would slowly raise up and down. How his skin looked so soft, softer then the pillow his head rested on. And how those lips of his were challenging me.

I got closer, too close.

My eyes and mind were only on those lips.

Inch by inch my lips neared him


I couldn't do it

I'm his mom

After that night I tried my best to control myself.

More days have past and within those days taehyung's and jungkook's love grew even more then it already had.

I stand in the sideline, watching the love of my life grow inches farther from me, making him unreachable

jungkook is what he needs and wants


That jungkook is far gone

I can finally be selfish. I can finally take what I want. I can finally show my love for taehyung. And I can finally fight for him.

I will make kim taehyung fall for me

And I will call him mine.


taehyung pov

" I love you so deeply taehyung "

Those words flowed throughout my mind, showing no sign of leaving.

I wobbled around my bed

How can jin love me so much?

How could he?

He knows I love jungkook. He knows I need jungkook. And he knows how happy I was with jungkook.


He still loves me

I have never showed him love the same way I did to jungkook. I have never thought of him as something else then my mom. I have never thought about his feelings. But he's always been there for me.

He cared for me, ethers by those bubble bath he gave me or those endless nights of story time. He never asked for more. He never asked for help.

I have never seen jin sick before, he probably hid it from me to not get me worry.

Feeling frustrated, I yanked my hair and started flopping around like a fish out of water on my bed.

I sighed and came to a stop


Just maybe...

It be better if I just..

If I just try to fall in love with jin

kookie is long gone.


Jin is not

It will make jin happy and maybe it's time to stop being selfish and think about others feelings.

It's time to fall in love with jin


I'm sorry for not updating sooner
The taejin is getting to me witch is not good
What will happen next ;)
Only I know
I'm happy you guys are enjoying this book

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