Bonus #1

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taehyung pov

He's back

jungkook is back

My jungkook is back

My fingers tighten their hold on the white fabric that covers his smooth skin. The light cold breezed danced upon our skin attempting to bring coldness but failed, for we felt nothing but each others warmth. My faced dig deeper into his chest, inhaling his sweet scent once I was satisfied with the placement of my head.

" my little lion, we should head home "

Shaking my head, I let out a small 'no'

I don't want to go home

Home means letting go of jungkook and being without his warmth for a couple of minutes. Home means, jin. jin, the one who loves me with all his heart and kept me from being devoured by the pitch darkness.

I don't know what say to him or more like, I don't know how to say it

Guilt took over me, the thought of hurting the one person that never caused me harm. The one person who never left me. Never made me cry. Never let anyone lay a finger on me. And never stopped loving me, even when I loved someone else.

I heard giggles fill the air, bringing me back once again into the real world

" come on, my little lion. We can't stay here forever " he placed a small kiss on my head, which made my stomach flutter like butterflies

" carry me then " I spread out my hands wide, waiting for his strong arms to swoop me off the ground.

He slowly picked me up with ease and once I was securely in his arm he didn't hesitate to give me another kiss but this one landed on my lips.

My face heated up so quick, resulting to me hiding my face in his chest.

He let out a small giggle " I love you so much "


" I-I'm home "

I slowly removed myself from jungkook grasp, feet meeting the cold, tile floor. The house looked empty, the sound of children fighting were nowhere to be heard, not even jin's pot boiling invaded the air. It was completely quite. I took a huge breath, slightly relief of not having to encounter jin today

I soon felt big arms drag me in, back coming in contact with jungkook's chest.

" so, are we just going to stand here all day or are we going to bed because I'm tired "
He placed many kisses on my neck, which brought nothing but tickle like sensation. I giggle as he continue gifting my neck with his kisses

" what is going on here? "

I quickly turned, knowing exactly who the owner of that voice is, it's jin.

Once my eyes landed on him, my eyes witness his heartbreak. He had gone what I assume grocery shopping, for the floor was painted with nothing more then scattered food. I even saw a glimpse of coco puff, my favorite snack that jin never forgets to buy for me.

" j-jin I-

" why is he here? " he pointed at jungkook " w-why was he kissing you? "

I watched as his eyes held nothing but confusing and sadness. I have never seen jin display such sadness in his eyes, in his face. My heart dropped, witnessing jin like this brings nothing but guilt. This all my fault

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