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hiroto pov

3 months after the accident


All I see is white

All I see are these boring white walls

I been stuck in this hospital for who knows how long and within those days not only my parents but also the doctors have been trying to convince me that my name is not jungkook and is actually hiroto

But they are all wrong my name is jungkook and I am an only child

My eyes wondered around the same boring room and landed on the two backpacks that were placed against the near corner of the room.

One was decorated with a power ranger figure while the other was ironman

My eyes didn't move in inch, still locked on the two bags.

Why are there two?

The hospital door then swung open, revealing a tiny young boy that looked somewhat the same age as me

" grandma I brought the ice cream! " he yelled

He began walking towards my bed, his eyes still glued on the yummy snack he held

When he finally detached his eyes from the yummy, goody substance, he realized he roamed into the wrong room

" you're not my grandma "

I giggled at his confused face
" no, I'm jungkook "

" ahh jungkook. Wait then why does your wristband say hiroto? " he pointed at the red wristband that was attached to my wrist

I simply shrugged
" they messed up my name  "

"  idiots, I'm serious these doctors need to get fired, they have no swag "

I began to giggle and he joined in as well

" oh! " he looked down at one of the cones he held and looked back at me

" this was for my grandma but you can have it "

" really!? "

He smiled and gave me a nod

I quickly took the ice cream in my hand and waisted no time to devour it

We just sat there eating the yummy ice cream and enjoying the silence

" my name is yoongi, just so you know " he gave his ice cream another lick

" does that mean we are friends? " I asked, face covered in ice cream, hands all sticky, and cone all gone

He took a good look at me and let out a giggle

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