# 4 #

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jungkook pov

" I'm not fuckin going yoongi "

" You are fuckin going and you are going to fuckin apologize to taetae "

" don't fuckin call him that!! "

" and why the fuck not?! "

" because I say so! " i sighed, combing my fingers through the my hair, completely done with yoongi

" you know, you're such a fuckin kid " he eyed me like if I fuckin killed his dog or touched that orange hair, chubby kid he's so obsessed with

" shut up " i fell backwards, my back coming in contact with the soft, bouncing mattress of mine

" jungkook I don't give a single shit about you not wanting to go,  you are going and that's finally "

I released a big sigh which resulted to the blonde dwarf in front of me to roll his eyes at me

" fine baster I'll go but I'll only say sorry and leave "

" nope, you're taking him on a date "

I automatically sprung up from the bed

" hell no! "

" I'm not taking that alien on a date "

" yes you are, it's a 'I'msorryimadickdate' so you're fuckin doing it "

He crossed his arms, giving me that fuckin 'youdowhatifuckinsay' pose. His lips then shifted, he was now smirking at me which I did not like one single bit.

" if you don't go, I'll burn that stuff bunny of yours "

" don't go fuckin near my bunny! " I quickly ran towards my bunny, hands grasping tight on it. This bunny was a gift from a special person and there is no way I'm going to let his pale, ghost ass fingers touch it.

" fine, I'll take that dumb ass on a date "

" good boy, anyways I know you think he's cute "

I arched my eyebrows

"  and why do you say that? "

" I saw the way you looked at him "

" so? "

" you never look at anyone like that "

I flung my arms in the air
" so I think he's cute, that's not a big deal but he hugged me and I hate when people touch me "

" he loves hugs, he always gives me one even though I warned that kid like a 100 times to not touch me "

" he hugs you? "

" yeah, so?... Are you jealous? "

" no "

I flopped back down on my bed, cuddling my pink, fluffy bunny like a tough guy I am. I faced the other way, getting tired of looking at the dwarfs ugly face

" you're so jealous "

taehyung pov

" tae baby, yoongi is almost here so get dress "

" okay jin eom- hyung "

I fiddled with my outfit, making sure I have it on right. Last time I had a job interview and I was in such a hurry that I didn't realize that I put my shirt on backwards, sadly I didn't get the job and I was so hoping to work at chuck e cheese.

yoongi texted me saying that he has a surprise for me and that he's taking me somewhere fun. I know it's late notice but I. kim. tae. hyung. never miss an opportunity of a great surprise.

I have asked him if jin could tag along, hoping to begin mission code 92 'fallinlovewithjinbeforethenewseasonofpokemoncomesout'

but yoongi declined, saying that he will ruin the mood. I have no idea what he means by that but he promised ice cream so I didn't question him.

I ruffled my hair, giving it that lion hair affect that I so love. The door bell then rang throughout the house. I quickly scurried my way down stair. My hand gripped the doorknob, I then flung the door open.

" why are you so early yoon- "

jungkook pov

" did you just fuckin close the door in my face!!! "

" no, I opened it " he yelled back

I rapidly knocked on the door, anger flowing throughout my body

" open the fuckin door! "

" that task is too advance for me, you see I still haven't evolved my charmander yet "

charmander? What the fuck is a charmander?

" are you fuckin talking about pokemon?! "

He try to silent his chuckles but he failed, I clearly heard him through the door

" taehyung open the damn door or I won't buy you fuckin ice cream "

The door suddenly flung open, he interlocked our arms together, not saying a single word. The idiot then started speed walking to my car like if there was a fire

" we must not waste time when ice cream is in hand "

I released a small chuckle which I soon regretted because it resulted with he smiling at me like an idiot and he gave me a quick hug mumbling some words against my neck which I couldn't quite catch.

He then sprint to the car giggling like a 5 year old

I ruffled my hair, releasing a sigh during the process

" this is going to be a long day "

jin pov

I saw it all

I saw how taehyung smiled as he held a conversation with jungkook even with the door in their way.

I saw how he silently giggled when the young one questioned him about the pokemon he named

I saw how taehyung hugged him, how happy he was when the other didn't push away


I saw his mouth word out those words that cut my heart like sharp knives

Those words

Words that consist of

' I still love you kookie '


A small update but the next chapter will be longer.
get ready because tae and kookie are going on a date
Thanks you guys for reading <3

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