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jungkook pov

I can't believe I'm actually doing this

I walked my way up to the front porch, hands uncontrollably sweating

I released a sigh as I am now standing in front of the white plaster door.

I shouldn't be nervous, there is clearly nothing to be nervous about. I'm just going to talk to taehyung and that's it, just a simple talk nothing more then that

But why do I feel like I want more then just a simple talk

I finally reached my hand to the door, giving it a quick knock

It didn't take long for someone to answer. I was expecting a red headed taehyung to answer but instead I got a munchkin little kid.

" kookie hwung!! " the little boy then attacked me with a hug but the hug didn't last long. He quickly backed away, shutting the door in my face.

" brat, did you just slam the door on me! "

I aggressively knocked on the door
" hey open the door! "

" go away! Yowre nowt kookie! "

" of course I'm not a fuckin cookie! Now open the door! "

Before I could slam my hand on the door once again, it was swung open.

I backed away, eyes locked on the boy in front of me.

" w-why are you here? "

He's voice....

It's full of sadness

Sadness that I have caused

" taehyung, I want to talk to you "

I watched as his gaze shifted to the ground, his eyes hidden by his beautiful red hair

" I-i don't think tha-

" tae baby who is it? "

A brown haired boy then appeared, standing beside taehyung.

I couldn't help but notice how he called him baby or how his hand swiftly gripped taehyung's waist tightly.

I didn't like the scene one bit.

Without noticing I grabbed a hold of taehyung's hand, making him clumsy, collide with me.

" koo- jungkook w-what are you doing? " I looked down to find he's face was now blooming pink, which I couldn't help but grin at

" I need to talk to you now "

" no he's not going to talk to you "

I looked up, staring at the angry brunette in front of me.

He then yanked taehyung away from me

Which I'm not going to lie made me beyond angry

" who the fuck are you! " I yelled

" I'm jin. taehyung's boyfriend "

" taehyung's boyfriend.. "

Completely shocked I looked at taehyung who wouldn't dare to look at me. His had swung low, eyes focused on nothing more but his shoes.

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