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Whispers they believe that could not be heard by me

But all those low whispers echoing behind these white, glooming walls. I can hear them clearly

'hiroto gone insane' they say

'what do we doctor?' they say

They fell for my act

All of them did

They actually believe I have forgotten who I am


it was him


Him who I have claimed to be. Him who no longer should be roaming this world. Him who I share the same face with but not the same life.

My face filled with terror and confusing as my legs jerked up, coming to the same level as my brother.

Although we are identical twins, he held many features I don't. Huge orbs, that can't compare to mine as they contain warmth that can spread to anyone who comes in contact with them. Blacks locks that rustle along with the cold breeze air. Nose quite bigger then mine but suites his face quite will. Let's not forget his height, although I'm about a couple inches shorter, I can't help but fell small around his present

Finally finishing my observation I came to realization that we are nothing a like. Our clothes having a drastic difference. His voice sounding quite huskier then mine but somewhat also soothing.

This boy right here is the one who taehyung feel in love with not me

" you finally know " he spoke, those big orbs of his focus on nothing but me

" you finally know you're not me "

Having lost all my energy to speak I slipped out a little 'how', hopping he would understand my confusion, my seeking question that must be answered.

Knowing exactly what I meant, he released a low sigh as he ready himself for the words he would speak

" I been within you all this time " he began
" all those feelings you felt, all those stinging pain, all those unexpected anger. All those emotions you had no clue of was me "

He paused for a moment, talking the time to a line his hair properly from the attacked it received from the gusty wind.

" you don't love taehyung " he continued, voice somewhat struggling to keep claim
" you don't love taehyung " he repeated, making me flinch at the statement and how he delivered it.

" you might think you do but you don't, you just wanted him because you knew you couldn't have him, you knew his heart didn't belong to you, you knew that he wanted me "

I kept quiet, teeth harshly digging down my already swollen lips. As all this information attack me with sharp like objects.

Pain, sadness, GUILT were already slumped on my shoulder, becoming heavier with each explanation.

" the day you claimed that you were me, the day you snatched the name jeon jungkook as yours, you knew. you knew that the name jungkook didn't belong to you, you knew it all along "

Tears trickled their way down my face, bringing me coldness as the breeze come in contact with them.

" w-why? " I gripped tight to my shirt, trying to bare the light sting that swells through my throat.

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