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Every bump and turned was an invitation to open my eyes and allow the tears to spill forth. I refused to cry in front of him, especially after I presented myself as a damsel in distress so far. I may not have been the strongest person in the world but I had grown into a strong man who could stand up for myself.

"We here," he said. One of his hands was on my shoulder gently shaking me. He must have thought I was asleep. I looked around at the estate surrounded by large trees. The mansion sat on a hill and was an amalgamation of glass and white brick. There was a contemporary feel to the architecture with hints of luxury.

"This place is gorgeous," I said before opening my door and stepping onto the cobblestone driveway. The rain had increased to where I had to blink to keep water out of my eyes. Zion hurried out of the car and grabbed my bags before pulling me into the house he left unlocked.

"Sorry the garage is full right now. I'll show you to the bathroom so you can shower and change." He turned the lights on allowing for a better view of the marble decked interior furnished with pieces within the same color palette.

"That would be great," I replied as we walked through the house. He pointed out the various areas in the home that was nicer than anything I could hope to afford. He showed me the way to a guest bathroom that was bright and decked out in all white decorations. He said nothing before he closed the door, allowing me privacy.

Finding a simple set of black pajamas in my luggage, I showered using the rag and a towel that was hanging over the sliding doors handle. I made it quick not wanting to waste too much of his water. When I got out, I dressed and brushed my teeth doing my best to clean up any water I dripped on the floor.

After a double check, I grabbed my bag and exited the bathroom wearing fluffy black sox. The home was warm despite being mostly marble and white painted walls. It also smelled like spice which caused me to be hungry. I could hear metal colliding and followed it all the way to a large kitchen. Zion was moving around making a plate of rice and salmon.

"Hey, I figured that you were hungry after everything," he said. Leaving my luggage outside the kitchen, I walked over to him and gave him a smile.

"Thank you." He handed me a plate and began walking away. Following him we made our way into his living room that was dimly lit and his television. A baseball themed movie was on the screen. He sat down on his gray couch and patted the space beside him. I walked over feeling shyer than I normally was.

"So I think you should stay here with me." Zion kept his head towards the screen. Staring at him, I began to feel nervous about being in a secluded area with a strong man.

"Hear me out before you say no. I'm interested in you and can tell that you are interested in me. You blush a lot. I'm angry about what happened to you and I understand it's weird for me to feel strongly about you but I do. What im asking for is the chance to get to know you and for you to get to know me."

Analyzing what he said, I weighed my options. I could go home and have to explain what happened to me but on the other chance I could end up hating him. "I have to be to school on Monday. If at anytime I feel uncomfortable I'm leaving."

Zion turned from the television and smiled at me. "I'm glad you said yes. How old are you again?"

"Im nineteen, so about ten years younger than you," I replied. His profile on his team's website had general information about him. He nodded his head and took a bite of his food. This prompted me to eat my food, which. We ate without speaking, only watching the movie that was mildly interesting. Zion laughed at the jokes and mumbled some lines.

"So how did you get away," Zion asked me as the credits began scrolling onto the screen. I had got tired, so the question caught me off guard. Looking at him I could see I had his undivided attention.

"When I got to the room, he was drunk so I started recording. He chased me into my room and tried to force me into having sex with him so I tased him. I then told him to finish paying for my school and double my allowance or I'd send the video to his company partners," I explained.

"Damn you trapped him and I got him to leave," Zion said. I narrowed my eyes at him ready to ask how he got him to leave but shook his head. Remembering him texting on his phone, I pondered who he had texted.

"Had to take care of my baby," he said. "Who said I was your baby?" He didn't respond instead he turned the television off and stood up.

"I think we should head to bed it's late. Before you say anything, you'll be staying in the guest bedroom. I don't want to do anything you'd be uncomfortable with especially after what you just went through tonight." I paid attention to how he refrained from touching me and allowed a good amount of distance between the both of us.

Placing the empty plate of food on the coffee table I followed behind him as he navigated the hallways until we reached a simple brown door no different from the others. He opened the door and switched the light on revealing a cozy room. Walking in behind him my feet glided over the sleek gray wood. There was only a bed, bench, and a single chair for reading. The bedding liked everything else was white which made me wonder how he kept it so pristine while raising a child. The main draw of the room was the glass wall that overlooked the forest.

"This is one of the guest rooms make yourself comfortable," he said before leaving me alone. I would have to get my belongings in the morning. In that moment, I exhausted, so exhausted that I couldn't do much more than throw myself on the bed and close my eyes.

Sleep did not come immediately for me. My mind began to calculate the events of the night and how my future had transformed. If Wilmer did as I told him I could get rid of at least two daddies, keeping two for safety. The trips would die down, but I desperately needed a refocus on my studies. I had done well in school growing up without really needing to study, but university was proving to be a much more challenging endeavor.

Also, Zion was becoming an interesting character. I was sure that the moment he picked me up that he planned on trying to get me to stay the weekend with him. It was a risky move. Thinking about it shook me up, yet it paid off for me in the end because I lay in his bed. Even if he wasn't in it with me.

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