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It had been a long week thanks to the paparazzi and random people asking me questions at random points throughout my day. It was crazy how I went from being an unknown to someone that people stared and whispered about. There was a lot to process with being noticeable that I wasn't sure that I would ever get used to it.

Sitting in my early morning Sociology class, I listened as the professor droned on about Marxist communism. She had a way of making a lecture go on through several sessions when it could have taken one. I was also bored because I took the same class in high school, so everything she said was a refresher.

I felt my phone vibrate while my teacher delved further into the topic. Slipping my phone out of my pocket and covertly checking to see who was messaging me. I had to be sneaky because the professor banned phones and other electronics in the hall during a lecture. There was a message from an unknown number waiting on me.

I felt a little disappointed that it wasn't Zion but remembered he was on a plane coming to see me on a whim. I prayed that I wouldn't mess anything up. I was already becoming attached to him; We spoke day and night. Half the time my friends would have to force us both off the phone for things enjoy sleeping and eating. I unlocked my phone and read the message since I was a mixture of being bored and inquisitive.

It read, "Cyprus, this is your grandmother. I'm inviting you to a dinner tonight at the family home. I think we have a lot to talk about and want to extend the olive branch. Please don't make me have to find you my darling grandson."

I looked at the message and felt myself heating. I haven't even considered going home since I left. Analyzing the words I noticed the tone, she painted it out like they were being the bigger person. It was just like them to summon me when things were going good. I thought my day would have been great since Zion was coming, but it looked like I had a day full of stress coming instead.

Needing a boost I double checked my bank account and saw Wilmer's most recent payment sitting there. I received an email saying that I was not an intern for him, which I assumed was to keep the government from asking too many questions. I smiled to myself before closing the account out. I had even begun considering letting go of my daddies who had replied less and less because of the scrutiny I was getting.

Just as I powered my phone down a hand slammed on the desk in front of me. I looked up at the blond professor glaring at me. "Yes?" I was not in the mood for her attitude.

"Hand me your phone, there are no phones allowed in my class," she said with a big fake smile.

"No," I replied. We did not have the best relationship which was a hard reality to accept at first since all my teachers loved me, but I took her as a lesson in dealing with "authority" who did not like me.

"Do not be defiant," she said. The way she spoke was like a mother chastising a child. I understood her rule and was more than happy to excuse myself. All the tests were online, so I was only in the class to gain a few points before the end of the semester. She just couldn't talk to me like a kid and expect me to be pleasant.

Rolling my eyes at her, I pointed to the stage urging her to walk away. It annoyed me to hear from my family and if she wasn't careful, she could end up on the bad end of that annoyance. She turned red.

"Give me your phone or that will be five points off your grade." She looked at me with a smugness that made me get up and leave the classroom. Storming out with my bookbag in tow I called for a ride. I would take the energy back to the ones who gave it to me. I sent a text to my friend so they would know that where I had gone to.

When the car arrived, I told him to take me to the place that I used to call home. I remained silent throughout the ride knowing that if I spoke it would be to go back to my apartment. The anger had quickly turned into fear. It only escalated when we parked in front of the mansion. I gave the driver the code to the gate, and she drove onto the property.

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