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I awoke from a night of bliss with the man I had fallen in love with by the alarm. Lifting my head from Zion's chest, I looked at his serene face. I would have as I was, but I had planned something for Cisco weeks ago. I cared for Cisco as much as I cared for Zion.

When I tried to move, Zion's grip tightened around my shoulders. Knowing how to get him to release me, I reached under him and grabbed his butt. His eyes shot open, and he shrugged me off. "You know I hate that."

I rolled my eyes and climbed out of bed. I quickly got ready for the day, opting for a simple pair of jeans and my college sweatshirt. My body was sore but was not as bad as it was right after Zion had made love to me. When I walked back into the room, Zion was still in bed only half covered.

"I signed Cisco up for a gymnastics class, remember? Maybe he will learn a sport that he can earn a gold medal in." He rolled his eyes at me.

"You and your misguided hate for baseball. You didn't seem so bored when you were watching my highlights." I smiled at how naïve he had been.

"Well, I am a professional at making men feel like I care about every little boring detail in their life." I laughed at the face he gave me. "Do you want to come?"

"No, I have a telephone conference soon. Be safe and take some videos," Zion said. I left the room and went to the kitchen. I made a bowl of cereal of Cisco and I before walking in his room. He got up with little fuss and quickly before he brushed his teeth and put on his athletic wear. He was a self-sufficient child, only needing help with the things he couldn't reach.

In twenty minutes we were out of the house and in the car I had ordered. He was too tired to question where I had brought him. We arrived at the gym facility precisely fifteen minutes before our session. Early enough so they knew that we meant business but not so early that we in the way of administrative time they might have had.

An ethnically ambiguous lady was sitting behind the front desk. "Hello sir, how can I help you?"

"Hi, I have a visitors session booked for Cisco Carr." She typed into her computer in search of the information I gave. After asking for my confirmation number, she confirmed our time and teacher.

"Give her about five minutes," she said as she stood. We walked into a large, ordinary looking gymnasium. The walls made of metal and the concrete floors covered by bright blue mats.

"Hey, bunny do you remember those videos I showed you of those men flipping and holding themselves up in the air?" I asked, trying to see if he remembered when I showed him videos of the recent Olympic male gymnast.

He nodded getting shy around new people; he would warm up after a few minutes. "Well, you will learn how to do some of those things today. Does that sound good to you?" He smiled big and bright nodding his head vigorously.

"Yes Cy," he squealed. A compact red-headed woman looking to be in her mid-forties walked over to us. She waved at Cisco and me before coming to a stop.

"Hello, I'm Heather Gunther. I will instruct the little munchkin today." She extended her hand towards Cisco. He blushed as he shook her hand. Women fascinated him. The way he stared at Nala was comical. There was a chance of that being a real problem for his father down the line. But, as long as her learned to be respectful it shouldn't.

Heather turned to me and shook my hand. "All right, today I'll show you some basic stretches and skills. This is a two-hour beginners' class. There're a spectators box on the balcony."

She pointed to the box of plexiglass on a small balcony. I nodded then looked down to Cisco. "Have fun bunny."

Walking up the stairs and into the skybox I found a seat among a few other parents. I elected to sit up near the glass so I could monitor Cisco. Heather already had him bending and holding his body at angles that looked uncomfortable, but he seemed to enjoy himself.

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