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I pulled the visor down for the mirror and saw the warmth in my cheeks before closing the visor. Zion's hand rested on my knee. We both knew what would happen the moment Cisco was asleep. I was ready, and he was too.

"So are you my new mommy?" I turned to Cisco, who had a smile on his face. He was being mischievous.

"Excuse me," I questioned taken aback.

"Well, you said you love Daddy, and that's what mommies say so you can be my new mommy," Cisco explained. He was not a slow child; He could rationalize many of his jokes, which to him out of a lot of trouble. Zion laughed while I glared at his son.

"What's wrong, ma?" He burst into laughter along with Cisco.

"Cisco, you already have a mommy who loves and cares about you," I replied, trying to not get annoyed.

"But she said she doesn't love me." There was a deep sadness in those words.

The car came to an abrupt as Zion slammed on the brakes hard and whipped his head around. He reached in front of me like a mom stopping my head from hitting the dashboard. "She said what?"

Horns blared as we sat in the middle of the road. "She told me I was slowing her down when she was drinking the juice you said I couldn't have."

"Oh, Co I'm so sorry she told you that, you won't have to worry about that anymore, I promise you," Zion said turning back to the road after a chorus of car horns sounded for us to keep moving. His face showed a lot of anger and he gripped the wheel roughly. I looked at the kid in the back and watched as his eyes glistened. He wouldn't let the tears fall; I knew how that felt.

"Well, how about I be your Cyprus? Your mom isn't nice to you but I will be is that a deal?"

"Deal," he smiled. Zion was not so easily appeased. Cisco wouldn't be seeing his mother for a very long time.

"When we get up to the room I will take Cisco and put him to bed by the time I get into the room I want you to be naked, understand?" He whispered just low enough for only me to hear. I rubbed his shoulder. He turned over to me with her eyes low.

"Good." He turned the radio up and drove at the speed limit all the way to the valet. We were all out and had our things ready before the young guy could even walk up to us. We restrained ourselves from running to the elevators, barely. When entered our room, the excitement and anticipation was almost too much to bare.

He walked to Cisco's room and shut the door behind him. I grabbed my extra bag on that sat on the floor and made my way to the main room and went directly into the bathroom starting up the shower. I cleaned every inch of my body making sure I smelled and felt good. My hands shook a little as I dried myself off and massaged lotion into my skin. I finished by brushing my teeth.

"Calm down," I said to myself. Walking out of the bathroom naked, I went to bed and tried my best poses. I ended up sitting cross-legged watching trash television. As I was getting into the show, Zion walked in wearing nothing but a robe. He had showered in Cisco's room. Beads of water were on his beard. I could see the tattoos on his chest and trailed down to the sizable bulge.

"You did what I told you to do." He smiled at me his voice husky. As he walked over and removed his room. My hand went to cover my face as I stared at his body. Every move towards me was excruciatingly slow.

When he reached me he unfolded my legs, then pulled me to the edge of the bed. Placing his hands on my waist he lifted me up into his arms. His face was an inch away from mine for a while. He was testing how long I could go without kissing him. I couldn't last over ten seconds before I placed my lips over his. I did not fight for control, just let him take over.

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