wedding disaster - part two

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Oh God Zim is dying.... I don't know what to do.... I felt tears come to my eyes... am I going to lose the love of my life.... I closed my eyes held Zims hand as my tears began to fall. A bit later I didn't feel any rain, I opened my eyes and looked up, Gaz was there, holding her umbrella over me and Zim... I knew she cared... Zim slowly stopped steaming and opened his eyes. He's ok! I hugged him tightly and stood up with him. He smiled, thanked Gaz and we all went inside. That was terrifying... I almost lost my love... even the thought of it scares me. I held onto his arm for the rest of the night, he smiled at me.

Dib is so adorable. I'm still in pain from what just happened but at least I'm alive. He won't let go of me, makes sence considering what just happened. Gir ran over and hugged me so tight I couldn't breathe. "Gir...," I said. "Yeeees?" Gir said. "I can't breathe...." I said. He didn't let go, but Dib got mad and kicked him off. That was funny. When the party ended me and Dib went home, and slept.

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