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Gir keeps running around and jumping i keep telling him to stop, he won't. "Master theres a squirrel!!" "Go get it and come back after releasing it" "ok!!" And he ran out. Dibs been busy lately, he joined college and is doing a lot of work, I don't mind but I wish I could spend more time with him. I went to our room, he was working on his computer. "Dib what are you doing?" I said sitting by him. "Homework, I'm almost done don't worry" he said typing something. I looked at it, he was typing something about the universe, a lot of it was wrong. "Thats not how planets are made, is that what they tell you?" "Mhm, your probably right but I have to put it how they teach" he said as a climbed in his lap. "Their all idiots" "mhm" he rest his chin on my head. I smiled and felt safe, he makes me so happy.

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