Tallest - Part One

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I was in my lab working on Gir to see if I could make him more advanced, nothing yet. An hour passed and Zim came in screaming my name and he wrapped his arms around me tight. "Zim what's wrong?" I asked. "The tallest are gonna take me away from you!!!" He yelled, he was crying. I dropped my tools and hugged him. "I'm not gonna let them take you Zim" I said putting my hand on his cheek. He put his hand on mine and smiled a little. I kissed him "come on let's get to bed" I said standing up. He nodded and stood and we went to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a weird noise downstairs, it's probably just Gir. I layed back down and remembered Gir was shut down for the night. I looked in the bed next to me and saw Dib asleep. I got up and went downstairs, when I got to the bottom, an Irken soldier took me.

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