Unexpected - Part One

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Credit for the idea

I don't like this, I want to go home.... I want Dib.... I might regret saying this but... I want Gir.... I heard the door open, I looked at it and saw Red. What is he doing here? He came closer to me and gave me some food "don't tell" he said and walked out. I took the food and ate it, it wasn't poisoned or anything. I thought they hated me... oh well... I still want to go home.... he kept coming and giving me favors like food, showers, blankets, and I didn't understand why. A few days later Red came in, he didn't have anything "Zim you owe me for all the favors I did for you" he said. I got scared, I looked up at him "what do you want?" I asked as he came in, I started to panic. I won't say what happens next, but I never expected him to be rapist.

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