New Beginning

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What was that thing Dib did to me? It felt good. I felt him kiss my cheek, I looked up at him and smiled. "Hi spaceboy" he said grabbing my hand. I never thought I could be this happy on earth. "Morning Dib" I said kissing him. He got up and got dressed, I just layed there relaxed. "I gotta get to work Zim, be home in a few hours ok" "ok" he kissed my cheek and left. I got up and got dressed. My stomach hurts, maybe I'm just hungry, I went downstairs to the kitchen, Gir kept looking at me weird. "What? Is something wrong Gir?" He walked over and put his hand on my stomach "theres a smeet" he said, my eyes widened "computer can yoy confirm what he said?" "Sir you are in fact pregnant with a half human Smeet" I put my hands on my stomach and smiled, I can't wait to tell Dib! I went back to my room and grabbed my phone. I called Dib, but he didn't answer, he must be busy, I'll call again later.

~an hour later~

I called Dib again but he didn't answer, now I'm getting worried. I put on my disguise and left, I went to where he works, I've been there a few times everyone there is super nice. I went to the front desk "hi Ari" "oh hi Zim" "is Dib here? He's not answering any of my calls" "oh yeah I'll call him now" she picked up the phone and talked in it for a while. I sat in one of the chairs and waited for him. Dib ran down and immediately went to me "Zim are you ok? What happened?" I smiled and stood "I'm ok Dib you just didn't answer your phone and I got worried" he smiled. "I'm ok my phone just died you don't have to worry" he said as he kissed my cheek "what did you wanna tell me?" I grabbed his hand and put it on my stomach "I'm pregnant"

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