Savior - Part Two

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I went to where Zims ship was kept. He thought me how to drive it a few months ago. I got in it and Gir jumped in, he would know how to get there so I let him stay. He told me how to make the ship go into light speed, I took off, exit the earth atmosphere and entered light speed, I'm coming Zim, I'll be there soon.

I want to leave, every time the tallest come in I hide behind purple, I told him what red did but he didn't believe me at first. But he walked in on him trying to do it again. Purple is trying to figure out what to do with him. I want Dib..... he would've protected me... today no one has come in, I'm sitting in my cell crying, I was so busy crying I didn't notice someone had walked in, I heard my cell door open, I turned and saw...

To be continued

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