Home - Part Three

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Help with dialog:

I turned to see who opened the cell and saw... Dib... he found me, I got up, ran to him and hugged him. He held me close. I feel protected. I feel safe, for once in a long time, I felt happy. We walked to where the Tallest normally are. I saw them, I held onto Dib tight. Red smiled at me. Then I saw Gir and Gaz grab them and hold them to the ground. Gaz pulled out a sharp shiny stick.... what is that? "Gaz no, we have to get out of here" Dib said. "Gir fly us to my ship" I said. "Okie dokie!!" He said and picked us all up, and flew to my ship. Dib was scared he was gonna fly off so he didn't let go of me until we landed. We all got in and Dib filed us home.

I looked over at Zim in the seat next to me, he was curled up and crying. I put the ship on auto pilot and sat next to him, I tried to put my hand on his shoulder but he slapped me away and hissed. "Oh Dib... I'm sorry I didn't-" I cut him off "it's ok, what's wrong Zim?" I asked. "They hurt me...." he said. "They tortured you?" I asked. "No... he made me kiss him and... he did this" he said as he lifted his shirt, he had hickey's and burns. I was filled with rage. "WHO DID THIS!?" I yelled, he got scared. "Stop yelling at me" he said. I calmed down a bit, I grabbed him and held him close "who did this to you?" I asked. "My tallest, Red" he said. I rubbed his back to calm him. By the way he was acting, he got PTSD from him, I'll have to run a test when we get home.

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