Prison - Part Two

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For the Tallest in red I'm gonna call him Red, for same for the Purple

I woke up and looked around. Zim? He always sleeps late, and if he doesn't he wakes up and just watches me sleep, I mean, at least he's my husband. I got up, put my glasses on and walked downstairs. No Zim. I saw a few scratch marks on the ground that look like the marks Zims tendrils leave. That can't be good. Wait the tallest saidvthey would take him. I looked around and saw Gir had been activated and hooked up to the security cameras around our house. "Hi!!" He yelled and hugged me. "Gir do you know where Zim is?" I asked. "The tallest took him" he said. I knew it. I didn't want to believe it but.... it happened. I picked up my phone and called someone. "Hey, we need to talk...." I said.

The tallest.... why would they do this so me?..... I played with the bracelet Dib gave me. "What's that?" Red asked me. "None of your concern" I told him. Purple took it and my ring. "Hey give those back their mine!" I yelled. "What are these numbers, a code? 10 - 13 - 17?" Red said, the date of me and Dibs wedding. I started fiddling with my pant leg, he'll come.... I know he will....

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