Happy Times

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I was in me and Dibs room looking for something more comfortable and I heard him from outside "Zim you ok in there?" He asked. "Yes just changing clothes" I said. "Zim do you want to talk about-" I cut him off "No" "ok but we need to talk about it at some point, it'll help" he said. I walked out in one of Dibs old sweaters. "How about we watch a movie?" I said. He nodded "I'll get snacks, you pick the movie" he said. I nodded and went to the livingroom.

I went to the kitchen to grab some snacks, I saw something red.... red... what he did to Zim... I will kill him... "Dib the movies starting" Zim called. "Coming" I said, I walked in the livingroom and sat in the couch. Zim curled up to me resting his hear on my chest, and he fell asleep.

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