Chapter 2

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Getting back in the car I slam the door making trinity look over at me.

"What is your problem Jesus". She asked mugging me as I started the car up and backed out.

"Why couldn't you just get in the fucking back man shit was never that serious you always starting with Avalon". I said making a uturn at the stop light.

"Because She always doing shit and you never say anything to her about it". She said rolling her eyes.

"Me and Avalon been bestfriend since I was ten and she was eight we 20 and 22 she not used to not having my attention". I said leaning back into my seat placing my hand on her thigh rubbing it.

"Just stop giving her your attention for a few days and she'll come around". She said and I nod not listening to her.


Grabbing my phone I dial my older cousins number and wait as I listen to it ring.

"Yes boo what's going on". Indy said as I put my shoes on.

"You trynna go out tonight".I ask grabbing my keys off the dresser.

"Girl you ain't said nothing but a word come pick me up". She said before hanging up.

Grabbing my purse I close and lock my room door before walking out of the house getting in the car and driving off towards her house.

|30 minutes later|

Pulling up outside her house I dial her number and it rings for a few seconds before she picks up.

"I'm outside". I said leaning back into the seat.

"Alright I'm coming out now". She said and I saw the front door open so I hung up.

Getting in the car she leans over and hugs me before putting on her seat belt.

"What you been up to". She asked as I drove off.

"Nothing dealing with trinity and Jesus".I said with a sigh.

"I still don't know why you didn't get with Jesus in the beginning". She said as I cut on my signal light to make a turn.

"We were talking but then him and Trinity started hanging around and he pushed me off to the side". I said and she looked over at me with a shocked expression.

"You were talking to Jesus and you didn't tell me". She asked and I shook my head.

"I didn't tell nobody because I wanted to see where it would go before announcing it and as you can see it didn't go to well". I said pulling into the parking lot of the mall.

Getting out of the car we walk towards the entrance.

"Well we're going to find you a man tonight to take your mind off of him". She said and I shake my head as she grabs my hand and drags me through the mall to a store.


Looking around the parking lot I could tell the club was packed because of all of the cars.

"Are you ready". She asked and I shook my head no causing her to laugh.

"I'm kind of nervous I feel like something is going to happen". I said as she grabbed my hand dragging me into the club.

"Girl you are going to be fine loosen up and have fun". She said and I nodded my head.

"You're right lets go get some drinks". I said leading her towards the bar I saw in the corner.

"Hi can I get two shots of straight Hennessy". I ask and the bartender nods before making the drinks.

"That'll be ten dollars". He said and I go in my wallet and grab a ten handing it to him before picking up the drinks and handing Indy hers.

"Girl Jesus is here". She said causing me to choke on my drink that I started to sip on.

"What where". I ask looking around and she points in his direction just as he looked our way.

He waved us over but I shook my head and Indy smacked her lips.

"Come on girl he got some fine friends we about to get you a man". She said grabbing my hand leading me to his section.

Once we finally made it he stood up walking over hugging me.

"Ava I thought you was mad at me about earlier today". He said and I just rolled my eyes and went to sit down and of course he followed me.

"Don't be like that man you know I can't have my bestfriend mad at me". He said grabbing my chin making me look at him.

"Why did you let her do that shit earlier". I ask staring in his eyes and he smacks his lips before moving his hand.

"Man stop being petty that's my girl what you want me to do". He said and I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Are you for real grimeyy". I ask and he looked at me with dark eyes.

"Don't call me that shit Avalon". He said wrapping his hand around my neck squeezing it.

"I'm just saying since you acting like we haven't been rocking with each other for years I might as well call you what everybody else does". I said with a shrug as he still held onto my neck looking at me.

"BITCH IT'S NCE ALL DAY". I heard somebody yell causing us both to look over.

"NAH NIGGA YOU GOT THAT SHIT MESSED UP IT'S 30 DEEP ON YO DEAD GOOFIES". Jesus yelled standing up causing them to look over at him.

This is not going to end well...


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