Chapter 11

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After that shit that went down with Avalon a few days ago I just been chilling but Trinity been on my ass heavy and it's been getting on my nerves.

"Nigga are you listening to me". Cece murda said causing me to look at him.

"What did you say". I ask sitting up in my seat.

"Home boy that set us up I got eyes on him say the word and we on it". He said and I shook my head.

"Nah I want to look that nigga in his eyes when he take his last breath". I said and he nodded looking down at his phone.

"He over his home boys house right now". He said looking over at me.

"Let's go". I said standing up from the couch.

Walking out to the car I get in and start it up waiting for murda to get it.

Once he locked the door I pulled off pulling out my weed to break it down.

"What we doing when we get there". He asked looking over at me and I started rolling it up.

"I'm blasting shit soon as we hit his street". I said and he started laughing.

"Yo you crazy man for real". She said shaking his head as I lit the blunt.

"Nah he fucking crazy for thinking he could set me up and I wouldn't find out about it". I said passing the blunt to him.

"There go he go right there". He said pointing at a house where a few dudes were sitting on the porch.

Rolling down the windows I pick up my gun that sat in my lap and held it out the window before I started shooting.

It was no surprise when some of the niggas started shooting back.

When I ran out of bullets murda handed me another gun fully loaded and I continued to shoot. After a minute or so I stopped and put the car in park in the middle on the road.

Getting out I walk over and take a drag from the blunt dumping some ashes on all the niggas that was dead on the ground and porch.

"NIGGA LETS GO BEFORE 12 SHOW UP". Murda yelled from the passenger side.

Smiling down at them I turn around and walk off. Getting in the car I put it in drive and drive off.

"Nigga you got hit". He said looking at my arm that had blood rolling down it.

"Shit all this adrenaline I didn't feel shit". I said making a turn to go to the hospital to get stitched up.

"Fucking crazy dog". He said laughing as he shook his head.


Standing in the kitchen I dance around to Megan thee stallion when I felt a pain in my stomach.

"Nah son it ain't yo time". I said laughing a little bit as I rub my stomach.

"Girl is you done cooking I'm hungry". Indy said walking into looking down at her phone but when she looked up and saw me holding my stomach her mouth dropped.

"My water didn't break". I said laughing and she shook her head.

"It don't matter I'm taking you to the hospital just Incase". She said walking out of the kitchen.

Following behind her she goes into the nursery and grabs the baby bag.

"Let's go". She said walking past me.

Not saying anything I just walk outside to the car and get in.

"My nephews coming". She said excitedly looking over at me.

"I'm only 7 months". I said rubbing my stomach.

"Well my nephew wants to come now and that's what he gone do". She said rubbing my stomach as she continues to drive.


Pulling into the parking lot she gets out running to my side. Once I stepped foot out the car my water broke.

"Oh my gosh girl". She said causing me to laugh.

"Help me into the hospital". I said grabbing her hand.

"Nigga stop touching it". I heard a familiar voice say causing us to stop walking.

"I just know it's not". She said looking over at me as I looked at her.

Turning around I couldn't believe who was walking our way...


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