Chapter 9

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~3 months later~

Waking up from movement in my room I open my eyes I see Indy walking out of my closet with a dress.

"What the hell are you doing". I ask squinting my eyes.

"Girl today is your baby shower get up and get dressed". She said throwing the covers off of me.

"Why you don't have no clothes on". She asked laughing as I laid there.

"Girl it's hot I had to take that shirt and them sweats off". I said before sitting up and rubbing my stomach.

"Woah shit girl it's like you blew up over night". She said causing me to look down.

"It really does". I said laughing.

"Get out and let me get dressed". I said standing up and going to pick out some clothes.

~35 minutes later~

Getting dressed I go downstairs and see Indy scrolling on her phone.

"Take my picture". I said handing her my phone before posing.

"You look a little ugly". She said causing me to laugh.

After she handed me the phone back we walked out and got in the car.

"I invited Jesus". She said causing me to look over at her.

"He doesn't even know that I'm pregnant so what did you tell him". I ask locking my phone and sitting it in my lap.

"I just told him that murda was having a party". She said talking about her boyfriend which is Jesus's close friend.

"Okay". I said with a shrug leaning back.

"Okay that's it". She asked looking between me and the road.

"Yea it's okay I mean he is the father". I said shrugging my shoulders.

"I told him not to bring Trinity". She said and I rolled my eyes.

"His best bet is to listen to you". I said before closing my eyes.


Rolling over I look at the time and see it's almost 2:00 and Murdas party started at 3.

Getting out of the bed I stretch and walk into the bathroom. Lifting the toilet set I begin to piss when the bathroom door is slammed open.

"Baby I'm pregnant". Trinity said smiling at me.

Shaking my dick I lift my shorts up and cut on the faucet to wash my hands.

"That's good baby". I said still half asleep before what she said registered in my head.

"Pregnant". I ask looking over at her.

"Yes pregnant". She said walking over handing me a stick that said pregnant.

"I'm dead". I said shaking my head.

"What". She asked with a confused look.

"Nothing look I got to get ready". I said throwing the stick at her.

"Where you going". She asked and I shook my head.

"Don't worry about it now get out". I said pushing her out and locking the door.


Pulling up I get out of the car and see pink and blue all outside of the building causing me to scrunch up my face.

Walking into the building I see people dancing and eating.

"You made it". I heard someone say from behind me causing me to turn around.

"Uh Yea what the fuck is going on". I ask seeing that the person is Indy.

"Um well". She started to say before somebody started talking into a mic.

"The lady of the hour is here". The person said looking behind us.

In walked Avalon with a big ass belly smiling rubbing it and dancing to the baby mama song.

"Yo what the fuck". I said staring at her.

"Surprise". Indy said smiling nervously.

"So my little sisters pregnant cute". I heard Trinity say from behind me.

"How you know where I was". I ask with my eyebrows scrunched up.

"I followed you". She said causing me to shake my head.

"You need to leave". Indy said to her with a mug on her face.

" Yo back up off my girl she pregnant". I said and Indys eyes got wide.

"Yea y'all need to go right now". She said shaking her head trying to get me to walk.

"Get off me G". I said pushing her back with a mug on my face.

"I'm serious get the fuck out Grimeyy". She said pointing towards the door.

"Nah I need to speak to Avalon". I said looking around.

"Okay you can speak to her some other time without Trinity all up your ass like Damn bitch do you ever sit down somewhere". She said gesturing towards Trinity.

"Like I said I'm not leaving this bitch until I speak to Avalon". I said folding my arms.

"And like I said get your bitch and get the fuck out I'm not my cousin I'll really do you bitch". Indy said walking up on me.

Grabbing her neck I start squeezing it and she slapped me causing me to squeeze harder.

"What's going on over here". A voice said behind me causing me to let go and turn around.

"Damn". I mumbled to myself.

She always come at the bad time...


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