Chapter 1

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Tzuyu's POV

"Mom! Mom!" I shouted. I've never been this excited. I just got a job! I'm surely close to being a surgeon once I finished my residency.

I immediately hugged my mum whose washing the dishes. "I got a job mom. I can start this week, being an intern. I can finally pay bills." I whispered in her ear.

My mum turned and pats my head. "I'm proud of you!" She mumbled almost teary eyed. "You are now close to your dream just jeep on thriving we are always here to support you." She added.

I smiled for a response and hugged her again. I worked hard for this it won't if I will work harder to reach for my ultimate goal.


For hours I'm staring at the window, I guess I'm that excited to work my ass in that hospital.

"Ey Gucci!" I turned to face my dog. "Aren't you excited man? I will work soon?" The dog just barked and sat on my lap. I gently massaged Gucci's back. "Maybe I will meet new faces but I hope dealing with them will never be my problem."

Gucci whose on my lap was now asleep so I decided to take him on his bed. "Be good man arasso? I think I can't come home often when I start to work." I checked Gucci one last time before I went to sleep.


This Sunday morning I am supposed to see Seolhyun Kim at a nearby cafe in preparation for my residency. Hyunnie is a long time friend of mine, she's a head nurse in Deojun Hospital. I think being top of the class helped me to have this kind of opportunity.

As I entered the cafe I immediately saw Hyunnie in a two seater table by the window. She smiled when she glanced at me. "Did you wait so long?" I asked.

She shakes her head and smiled again.

"No, I was just 5 minutes early. Take a seat."t

I walked ahead and sat across her. "How are you Tzuyu?" Hyunnie asked. I sheepishly smiled "I'm very excited to work actually."

"I see. But before that did you prepare all the infos asked you to prepare?"

"Yep. I brought it with me. Can you check it?" I handed her the envelope.

Seolhyun gladly opened it and checked every details. "I guess you've prepared enough, the last thing you should know is that your supposed supervisor is a well known surgeon. She's one of the best, very intimidating, often described as coldhearted bitch." Hyunnie chuckled.

"Are you serious Hyunnie? There's nothing you can do to stop me so enough with those remarks. This is my dream we are talking about. No matter who she is or who he is I'm taking this job. What's her name again?" I asked.

"I'm just warning you. Who said I'm kidding. Believe me when I say all nurses are intimidated with her. Some doctors oppose being assigned on the same patient with her. Sana Minatozaki is infamously unique." Hyunnie kept wriggling her brows that it annoys me.

I raised my hand and gestured her to stop. "Fine. I"ll check her social media accounts later I'll see if you're telling the truth. And if ever you're right then I'll let her be, I will just do my job."

"Later is not allowed Tzuyu. Check it now. Sana is only active on instagram. Check her account, let's see if her appearance will not intimidate you." Hyunnie challenged.

"You know what Hyunnie you didn't change at all!" I sighed defeated. I tapped on my phone and typed Sana Minatozaki but there are many accounts.

"Which one is hers?" I asked Seolhyun. "Let me see first" I handed her my phone.

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