Chapter 24

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Sana lifted her head up to find the equally handsome surgeon, Tae standing a few meters away from her, smiling. She was dumbfounded, her gut feeling turned out to be right.

"Am I not welcome? Did my presence pissed you off?" Tae asked as he strides closer to where Sana was trying to read her poker face expression .

The female surgeon avoided Tae's gaze and shook her head looking uncomfortable.

"Have a seat." She pointed out despite the uneasiness. She promised Tzuyu she'll stay away from Tae as much as she could but here she goes again.

Tae sat in front of Sana. "What do you want to eat? Im guessing you're starving since the practice surgery was a bit stressful."

"Anything." The cat-eyed surgeon replied. She's not interested with Tae even a bit.

"I think they don't have "anything" written in the menu." Tae chuckled. Unlike the uninterested Sana, he was very eager to capture her attention.

"Come on Sana, pick one. I know you are quite not fond of me but at least be nice to me tonight?" Tae weakly smiled in which Sana found herself staring at him for the first time. She was surprised she somehow felt sorry for the gentleman. Yet, nothing will change the fact that Tzuyu is the only one Sana  wants.

"Dr. Minatozaki, I'm sorry to tell you this but I don't like you." Sana frankly stated to Tae.

The male surgeon was a bit startled. Maybe he expected that coming from Sana but not at that particular moment. He thought that's the end for him, to stop and take three steps away from Sana because he knew for sure there was no hope. They can't be together.

Tae nodded his head and averted Sana's  gaze. He's ashamed of how he became. He was brainwashed by Sana's  father too much. He doesn't know who he really is.

"I know." Tae half smiled. "I'm pushing myself into you so much right? I'm sorry." He added.

"Did my father threatened you too? Tell me Dr. Kim." Sana asked as she fixed her gaze to Tae.

Tae shook his head and looked straight to Sana's eyes. "No he did not. But he suggested. Its just that I became attracted to you."

"Beware of my father, you don't know how deceiving and powerful he can be." Sana slightly raised her brow and warned her fellow surgeon.

"He is but I'm at fault too. I let him deceive me because I wanted you for myself." Tae truthfully answered. "So I'm sorry Sana. I promise to stay as your friend from now on. I'll deal with your dad and tell him he shoudn't intervene with your decisions and most importantly I'll tell him that I won't accept a marriage with you because you deserve to choose someone you truly love."

Sana found herself in awe with Tae. She couldn't believe she cursed this man a couple of times before by his insensitive flirting. Maybe she was wrong, atleast, the man has a good heart.

"I can apologize to Tzuyu too, if that's what you want. I know I crossed the line." Tae mumbled in which Sana gestured him to stop.

"I'm not asking you to do that Dr. Kim. The only thing I want is for you to stop with all these. Stop flirting with me, stop pursuing me on behalf of my dad." Sana hissed.

"I will Sana, I'm sorry for the tenth time." Tae replied.

Sana heaved a sigh as she glanced at the windows of the cafe. The darkness was getting deep and she knew she can't drop by Tzuyu's place tonight nor see her. Sana wanted to immediately end her talk with Tae but in a good way atleast. Even though the guy was at fault she mainly believed all these was her father's doing.

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