chapter 36

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"Transfer Ms. Cha to ward A11. Make sure to monitor her, don't accept visitors as of now, she needs to rest. If ever she wakes up, page Dr. Kang immediately." Tzuyu reminded the in charge nurse.

"Hands down Dr. Chou!" Dr. Yun commented. She never doubted the cardiologist's skills, even before, but seeing Tzuyu operate with her own eyes after several years made her more fascinated.

Tzuyu turned her head and politely smiled at her fellow doctor. "Thank you, it's nice to work with you again."

"I hope you stay here for good, we will all be glad to have you here again." The female surgeon suggested before she excused herself.

Tzuyu on the other hand faintly smiled, as she doesn't know how to respond. She was suddenly reminded that she only have a month to stay in Korea and if that ends she honestly have no idea what to do next. She messed up all the things she planned to do, but why does she feel no regret?

"Antibiotics and painkiller." Dr. Kang spoke, tapping Tzuyu's shoulder.

The latter's eyebrow arched.

"You forgot to mention the nurses to give the patient those."

"For the swelling heart." The senior doctor added which Tzuyu felt like it has a double meaning. Yet, she looked away "I'm sure the nurses already know that."

Dr. Kang chuckled "They might forget it too, just like you." The man walked closer to Tzuyu "Tolerating the pain if it is too much is so hard Tzuyu, painkiller is a must."

"I don't know what you're talking about." She answered. Her gaze falls to the raven haired surgeon just a meter away from her.

"I'm pertaining to her, to the lady over there." The senior doctor directed his eyes over Deojun's President. "She's your painkiller."

Tzuyu shrugged her shoulders and continues to stare at Sana, watching the older female surgeon's every move. "Maybe she is, but what if I'm the cause of her pain?"

For several years Tzuyu convinced herself that Sana was the only one to be blamed for the clash of their healthy relationship. She was blinded by anger and revenge. The truth was that, she's to be blamed too, both of them.

"It's always like that, the one who caused you pain happened to be your painkiller too. Only you can cure each other Tzuyu." Dr. Kang muttered. He gently punched Tzuyu's arm before he left the younger surgeon.

"Dr. Chou!" The senior doctor called, before he stepped at the ER.

"Please take President Minatozaki home, thank you again!"


"Did you eat?" Tzuyu asked Sana. She stood next to the raven haired surgeon and her friend Bambam. While Tzuyu was checking the patient's medical chart once again and discussing the underlying cause of the tamponade with the in charge doctor, she made sure that Sana eats her meal this time. She believes that the raven haired surgeon was somehow okay now, for she knew Ms. Cha was is a stable condition at the moment.

Sana nodded and smiled a little in which Tzuyu replied "Good."

She turned to Bambam "I'm going to take her home Bam, you could take my car."

"Do you have one?" She asked, shifting her gaze back at Sana.

Sana got confused, she was staring at Tzuyu too much that she cannot comprehend what's going on. "Hmm?"

"I said did you bring your car?" Tzuyu repeated.

"Ah y-yes!" Sana answered, she felt her cheeks heat up with embarrassment. She was reprimanding herself to focus and didn't allow herself to look stupid in front of Tzuyu.

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