Chapter 21

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Sana's tiny arms were still wrapped up on Tzuyu's waist. The doctor felt her cheeks heat up when she realized she just confessed her feelings.

While the intern also locked her arms to Sana's neck, sniffing and nuzzling her nose to the doctor's hair. "My baby smells so good that I want to take her home with me." Tzuyu  chuckled.

Sana felt a shiver ran down her spine, The endearment was cringe but coming from Tzuyu's mouth the doctor thinks it was so sexy, that it made Sana flushed more.

She slightly glanced up at the intern "Did you just call me your baby?" Sana's brows furrowed and afterwards she acted like puking. Even thoughdeep down her heart was filled with overwhelming gladness with this tall blonde in front.

Tzuyu unclasped her arms and freed Sana's neck. The intern toothily smiled "I just did, from now on you are my baby."

When Sana pouts and mean to disagree, Tzuyu laughed but bravely kissed her girlfriend's cheek. "Can't believe Dr. Minatozaki is finally mine." Tzuyu whispered in which Sana narrowed her eyes. "And that gives you a privilege to kiss me anytime?" The doctor turned to her mom once again. "Will I allow her mom? What do you think?"

The intern laughed and pinched Sana's  cheeks. "She did allow me Nana, I can kiss you anytime." Then playfully winked.

"Look how cheeky she gets mom. Did I made a wrong choice?" The doctor glared at the giggling young one. "But you love me right?" Tzuyu asked flashing her beautiful eyes.

The doctor grinned at the intern's silliness. "You're too cute so I'll spare you, right mom?" Sana spoke.

Tzuyu widely smiled and Right then she pulled the doctor's waist closer.

"And my girlfriend is so gorgeous, she makes me fall harder." The intern mumbled.

The two had a few minutes longer to talk to Sana's  mother then afterwards they decided to go home and just spend the rest of the day teasing and cuddling each other.

Hand in hand, Sana and Tzuyu walked towards the young one's car and proceed to enjoy their day together.

"Nana." Tzuyu called. She moved her right hand to intertwine with the doctor's. "I'd like to grab us some chinese food, I'm starving." She added, glancing at Sana then back at the road.

The doctor nodded but mindlessly stared still at the car's window which bothered her girlfriend. "Sana." Tzuyu called again.

"Is there a problem?" She asked.

Sana snapped out of thinking about something that bothered her when the young one called her again. As soon as she felt Tzuyu's warm hands on hers, all her troubles seemed to disappear too. It was funny for her to admit all these silly feelings but she can't deny how real it is and how glad she is to feel all these.

The doctor shook her head and sighed. She'll be completely honest and true to Tzuyu from this day on. She knows that this is one way to keep their relationship working.

"I'd be having a practice surgery with Dr. Tae tomorrow Tzuyu." She straightforwardly spoke in which Tzuyu turned immediately, confused and probably unhappy. Sana found herself worried when Tzuyu stopped the car at the side of the road, staring at her, waiting for an explanation.

"Tzuyu, I'm telling this to you because I want you to trust me, to trust me that you're the only one. I'll just do my job, I promise you won't have any reasons to be jealous." She calmly explained before reaching the intern's cheek, assuring her that Taehyung  can never be compared to her Tzuyu.

"Do you trust me?" She asked.

Without thinking twice Tzuyu nodded multiple times which made the doctor's heart soaring. And right then, the young one leaned in to straddle Sana in her slender arms.

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