Special chapter II

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"Where are you Jay ?" Tzuyu called on the living room holding a bottle of milk in hand.

"Ju-pi-ter come on where are you hidin'? I got your milk." She continued to look for her child.

Tzuyu leaned over down the wooden table to see Jupiter trying to catch Gucci with her bare hands.

"Gotcha! You were there all along huh." The grey haired surgeon smiled.

"Chewy look at Gucci, he's playing with me." The child giggled.

She scooped Gucci using her one arm and stood up "You need to finish your milk first then I'll let you play with Gucci again."

"Is glama and grandpaps already coming?" Jupiter asked Tzuyu, as she started to chug her milk.

"They are baby, so don't ruin your dress okay?" Tzuyu answered Stroking her hair with her fingers and gently laid her down on the couch.

"Yes Chewy." Jupiter brightly answered.

"Aww. Chewy's  going to give you a present for being good." She said tapping Jupiter's forehead and giving her a quick kiss.

Tzuyu cuddled Gucci and Kuma in her lap while Jupiter chugged her milk until she heard Sana calling her name from the kitchen.

"Love, please answer the call for me." Her wife pleased.

"I got it!" She answered back. Grabbing the telephone and putting it close to her ear.

"Hello?" Tzuyu spoke while eyeing Jupiter from the couch.

"Yah Chewy!" Seolhyun greeted from the other line.

"We're a minute away from your house. We brought soju, chicken and a strawberry shortcake for Jupiter!" The head nurse squealed, too excited to see sky.

Tzuyu laughed "Is Jihyo tagged along with Eun-Jae because Jupiter will be happy to see her too."

"She's with us." Jihyo commented while she drove.

"Good, good. I'll go tell Sana you'll be arriving. Mom and Dad will be here in a minute too."

"You should. I bet Sana's so busy at the kitchen right now." Seolhyun chuckled.

"She's addicted to cooking now Hyunnie ." Tzuyu rolled her eyes then grinned.

The two nurses bid goodbye and dropped the call, telling her that they'll be arriving at their residence soon.

"That was Seolhyun, they're arriving soon." Tzuyu said, then stole one cherry from the bowl of salad Sana made.

"Oh God that means I need to go dress up now!" Her wife panicked.

Tzuyu tilted her head and looked straight at Sana "You look good all the time baby." She goofily remarked, earning a hearty chuckle from the other.

"Tzuyu, they are coming don't get me with your words." Sana shook her head, trying to stop herself from smiling wide.

Tzuyu grasped Sana's face with her hands and pressed her lips "I can't get enough of my beautiful wife."

"You are one sweet talker." The older surgeon retorted, pinching Tzuyu's nose.

"If they ain't coming I'll drag you upstairs and have you all for myself."

"How about Jupiter then?" Sana asked, putting her hands on Tzuyu's nape.

"She'll play with Kuma and Gucci baby, you don't have to worry." Tzuyu grinned, then captured Sana's lips again.

They were so engrossed with each other that they forgot about Jihyo and Seolhyun's coming, Tzuyu's parents visit and Jupiter.

"Chewy? Squirrel ?" The child called, holding her bottle from her hands with her dress filled with milk.

Sana and Tzuyu immediately got away from each other.

"Oh no Jay! What happened to your dress?" Sana hysterically asked as she saw milk all over her child's dress. She pinched Tzuyu's stomach. "What happened to our child Tzuyu? They are coming!"

Tzuyu tried herself not to laugh and arched her brow "I had no idea. I told her to behave."

Sana glared at her and walked near Jupiter "Hey Jupi, open your eyes, why are you covering them?"

The little child slowly removed her hand covering her eyes but before it fluttered open "Squirrel, are you done kissing Chewy? I shouldn't have seen it right?"

With Jupiter's question, Tzuyu laughed so hard while Sana threw multiple daggers at her.

"You'll sleep at the couch Tzuyu!" Sana shouted taking Jupiter with her upstairs.

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