Chapter 38

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It wasn't easy getting attached to someone permanently.

Exactly a week ago, Sana and Tzuyu were in their own little world, just the two of them.

Now, the raven haired surgeon was sitting in her swivel chair inside her office, back to reality. While she had no idea where in the world Tzuyu was again.

The two managed to keep in touch for at least five days after the younger brought her home. Tzuyu would always remind her through texts that she should eat and take a rest every now and then, sometimes, the younger would also tell her her whereabouts. It made her think that maybe, just maybe she wasn't hopeless after all. Maybe it wasn't too late for the two of them. For some reasons, Sana wants to believe and have faith in Tzuyu's promise.

But when she was again persuaded by her heart, Tzuyu disappeared. Until today she doesn't have an idea where Tzuyu was. Sana kept convincing herself that probably the younger was busy with her clinic's construction. Then she realized was Tzuyu's so busy business, she can't even type a short message telling her she's okay and breathing? Is that so hard?

"Shit" Sana cussed. She happened to put her signature on a received letter without her reading it properly and understanding what it says. She was so worked up thinking about Tzuyu.

Sana shook her head, brought her pen down and ask an intern through her intercom to get her a copy of the letter again if possible.

Upon waiting, her eyes travelled to her office's window. The surgeon was stuck in awe. The cherry blossoms outside started to bloom and captivate her eyes. Sana removed her reading glasses, her eyes never leaving the trees. She was fascinated by the trees' colour and how its leaves slowly and beautifully fall one by one from the branches. Sana laughed at herself, why does she thinks it is somehow romantic watching the cherry blossoms and its leaves fall out?

Silly. She thought.

It would be more perfect if she can go and watch the Spring Festival with Tzuyu this year. Which was a silly thought again.

How could she? She doesn't even know where the younger was. Did Tzuyu return back to Cali and fix her relationship with the American girl Mary like she promised her?

Or she changed her mind and decided not to? Didn't she tell her she'll be staying here for a month?

It's too hard not to think too much, especially when she's alone. It became her habit which was very unhealthy.

Sana placed her right arm on her table, rested her face on her palm and continuously glued her eyes outside.

She began to drift back to what had happened a week ago. When they got the chance to talk about what they meant to tell to each other...the reason why she's holding on to Tzuyu's  promise.

"W-what?" Tzuyu asked as soon as she caught Sana's fist even before it landed on her chest.

Sana bites her lip, withdrawing her hand from Tzuyu's grip "Mianhe, I shouldn't have said that."

"No. Tell me Sana , say it again."

"Please." Tzuyu begged, her eyes pleading. She caressed the older surgeon's face and mouthed the other to grant her wish, mutter once again what she said a while ago.

The older surgeon's lips tensed, her breathing uneven. Tzuyu's close proximity always makes her nervous and bothered, hence she doesn't know why she's enjoying the tall woman's touch and warmth whenever she's close.

"I want to hear it, one more time." Tzuyu uttered, staring intently into Sana's lips.

Sana felt her insides churn, the younger staring at her lips makes her weak and her mind seemed fuzzy. She gulped hard and repeated what she said "I meant to say that whatever happens I'll wait Tzuyu."

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