Epilogue: Six Months Later

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Grayson and I entered the Center. It looked much different than the day of our wedding. This time we were here for a baby shower. Not just one baby shower, but four. Holly and Jack got pregnant the same month as Cindy and Robert, the couple who had never had a baby. Grayson and I were getting a little sister. She would be bonded with the boy the other couple was having. The two other couples got pregnant a month later. Their babies would be bonded as well. A boy and a girl. The whole community was excited about it. We were sure there would be more babies to come.

I had decided to use birth control for the time being. Our people never did that. It took us many, many years of trying to get pregnant. But as Grayson had worried, I would probably be the one to surprise everyone and get pregnant at 18. That was not happening. We had too many things to do before becoming parents. Our community was happier than ever before. There was hope among our people. Grayson and I were treated like royalty. We didn't like it at all. Maybe it would go back to normal after a while.

We created a nice life for ourselves next door to his parents. I started calling them Mom and Dad. They liked that a lot. We made the house our own and filled it with pictures of my parents and our family. It was a warm, happy, safe place. We went out to California a couple times already to see my sisters. They were thriving in their new home. They were both talking freely and learning to read. I was so happy to see it. Their parents truly loved them. I decided to see Maya while we were there as well. We didn't tell her anything about our new life. Just that we lived really close to each other and we were still together. She was very happy for us.

Michael, the man who tried to kill me, we still being held. He wanted to pay for his crimes. Everyone decided that because he was so remorseful, he wouldn't be sentenced to death. He did community service instead. He maintained much of the community's gardens and outdoor areas. He wrote me a letter of apology. I kept it in the photo album of my parents.

Grayson and I were incredibly happy. Being with him was better than I even imagined. Not that we always agreed on everything, but because of our ability, we always understood the others point of view. If all people could do that, this world would be a much better place. We also figured out how to block our thoughts from each other. But we didn't do it often. A year ago, I never would have thought that my life could be like this. And I owe it all to Grayson for finding me. Because of him, we are Forever Bonded.

                                              The End

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