Chapter 23

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Amber didn't tell me anything that was in the marriage box. But I did feel all her emotions as she looked through it. Joy, excitement, nervousness, confusion, love, sadness. All coming in just moments. I wished I could have been holding her hand as she went through it all. These were the most precious gifts a mother would give to her daughter. I knew this was difficult. I'm glad my Mom went with her. She probably helped put the items together years ago. I would have a box too. But my parents were alive and well.

Planning the bonding ceremony was keeping her busy and hopefully distracted from the danger still lurking. I never forgot. I was always on high alert. Even with the added security. I would never allow any harm to come to Amber again, if it was in my power. Our security team was still investigating the break in and attempted murder. They had a couple of leads that they weren't sharing yet with me. That was frustrating.  They didn't want me running off and trying to take care of the situation myself. They were probably right to keep the information from me.

Plans for the big day were well under way. I was beyond excited. Amber and I picked the location for our epic honeymoon. We would be going to a private beach in Fiji. I couldn't wait for us to finally be alone. Everything we needed there would be taken care of. From a private chef to a personal assistant while we were there. My parents wanted to pay for it. But I had always planned to do it myself. I wanted to take care of my beautiful wife, and this was just the beginning. 

Amber and I decided that we would live in her parent's house next door. We went back and forth about us designing our own place. But the memories she had in that home were what made the final decision. She wanted to feel as close to her parents as possible. And I had to agree.  We would move in and make it our own when we returned from Fiji.

Amber surprised me one night by entering my room while I was asleep. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" I asked anxiously. "Yes, I'm sorry, I just needed to see you and touch you while we talked. Is that okay?" she asked shyly. "Of course, baby. Come here. I sat up in bed and pulled her next to me. We sat side by side. I was showing a great amount of self-control by not laying her down and spooning with her. "I've been thinking about the letter my Mom wrote me. That we would somehow save our people. What do you think she meant by that?" "I've been thinking about it too. I was wondering if it had anything to do with our ability to heal. I know our people are healthier and stronger than everyone else, but not in every way." I told her. "What do you mean?" "Well, the fact that we can only have one child and that some of our people haven't had a baby at all. It will eventually mean we will die out."

We sat in silence as I held her hand in mine. What would she think of my theory? It was kind of out there. No one had ever said it was a medical condition. But was it? "What if our women just need their wombs to be healed? Or if they just weren't producing enough eggs?" "I don't know. Both theories are possible. We could talk to one of the doctors and ask about their research. I'm sure it's been a subject of debate over the years. I just haven't heard anything." Then she turned to me and gently placed her lips against mine. I was surprised at first, but then eagerly joined her. She was warm and soft. I kissed her lips and then her neck. My hands moving up and down her back. I could feel her thoughts in my head. They were just like mine. Not appropriate yet. I had to stop before it went too far. As much as I hated it, I pulled away from her. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself." She told me. "I know, I feel the same. Can't you tell?" I asked. "Oh yeah, I can hear your thoughts too, remember?" I blushed and cleared my throat. "Right, yeah, um, you should go before we get caught." I took her hand before she could get away. "I love you Amber." "Forever." She replied.

The next morning, Amber was up before me. She was in my kitchen making my favorite omelet. Bacon, avocado and artichoke hearts. I wrapped my arms around her from behind at the stove. What a great way to wake up. She laughed and nudged me a little. "How will I keep from burning your omelet if you are distracting me?" She asked. "I don't care about the omelet." I told her as I kissed her neck, remembering last night. "Good morning!" My Mom greeted us. Obviously wanting to interrupt. I grunted and backed away. Amber giggled. "Soon" I sent her. 

When we sat down to eat, Amber told me she had spoken to one of our doctors. The one who had delivered her and I. She said we have an appointment to meet with her today. That was pretty exciting. I really wanted to know if there was a way to help our people. Amber had a knack with science, so maybe we would be able to figure this problem out.

We entered a lab not far from where Amber had been when I thought she would bleed to death not long ago. I'm glad we are here for a completely different reason now. Doctor Reynolds gave us both warm hugs. Amber began the conversation by explaining how we had healed her sister and then our friend who had been depressed. She was astounded. "I knew you two were special the day you were born. Such an amazingly strong connection. I had never heard of or seen such a thing before."

We discussed some of her theories. She told us that she had checked many women who had given birth. The scar tissue was significant. She couldn't understand why, because our healing ability should have left no scarring. She also had done full body scans on the women. Their egg production was very low. She checked the men as well. Their sperm count was also low. They tried artificial insemination on numerous women over the years, but it never worked. It's like their bodies just wouldn't allow it. They tried fertility drugs and even surgery. But nothing worked.

Amber wanted to try healing them. She thought we could help. Doctor Reynolds believed it was a great idea. She alleged she knew we had a bigger purpose and that maybe this was it. The Doctor sent a message out to the entire community. She told them our idea and that if they wanted more information or to actually give it a try, that they should come to the Center tomorrow at noon. This was going to be exciting.

My Mom and Dad seemed very hopeful that this would work. They even wanted us to try it on them. That would be a little awkward. But Amber was all for it. After dinner my Mom said, "Okay kids, let's do this!" We all started laughing. That broke the ice. We went into the living room and everyone sat down. "Now, I don't want you getting your hopes up." Amber told her. "Well, I never in my life expected to have more than one child. And seeing how I got the best one ever, I couldn't really ask for more." She said, smiling at me.

"Okay, I don't really know how this works. But I remember that when I touched my sister, I was thinking about her injuries. I was conscious of them and was wishing I could fix it." "I felt the same way." I told them. "So, everyone come close. I'm going to hold Grayson's hand, and yours at the same time Holly. Let's both think about healing the scar tissue on her uterus. And healing the eggs she may have." I took her hand and so did Mom. I closed my eyes and thought about healing my Mom. I didn't know much about women's anatomy, but I didn't think it mattered.  I decided to put my other hand on my amber stone. We sat there for a few moments. Then I heard Ambers thoughts. "I want to heal our people." As soon as she thought it, I felt the energy start to leave my body in a rush. I kept holding on, even though I suddenly felt tired. She held me tighter as the power continued to drain. Finally, it stopped, and we all let go, wide eyed and wondering if it worked.

"What happened." Dad asked. My Mom spoke first. "I could feel a surge of energy moving through my body. It felt warm. It was like tingles. Then I could feel it concentrated in my mid-section. It was almost like the beating of butterflies in my stomach. Then it suddenly stopped. I felt a calming sensation come over me." "That's amazing Holly. What did it feel like to you two?" "It was like energy leaving my body. I feel a little drained honestly." I told him. "Are you okay Amber?" I turned to her and asked. "Yeah, just a little tired. Maybe if I lay down a bit. Then we can try your Dad. Maybe we should let Doctor Reynolds know that we won't be able to heal everyone at once. It might take some time." "Absolutely, I will call her now." My Dad said.

We both rested for about an hour and then we proceeded to do the same thing with my Dad. Thinking about what we wanted to heal. The feeling was the same. I think this was actually going to work. Or else we were making my parents into super heroes or something. I fell asleep for the night right after. I had just enough energy to tell Amber I loved her.

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