Chapter 7

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My heart was still pounding out of my chest as I made my way back to my Jeep. I waited behind her apartment complex for about an hour after her Foster Dad left. I just needed to make sure she was okay. I had parked near her job and followed her home when she got off. Then I just sat in my Jeep doing my homework and then working on some app business that I needed to take care of. I just wanted to watch out for her. Everything seemed fine until I saw that guy Hank stumbling up the stairs. I was close enough to him to see his colors. Dark brown and lava red. I knew that one. Lust. I followed him up the stairs and stood outside. I could hear an argument, but it was muffled. I wished I knew exactly what was going on.

Then I felt her emotions like I had that day, months ago. Fear, anger, disgust, then pain. I couldn't stand outside and do nothing. I was hoping she would stand up to him again. But she didn't. I had to do something. Knocking on the door was the first thing that popped into my mind after kicking down that door and killing him. I chose the former. Thank God it worked. But for how long? He would eventually go back home. But I couldn't sit outside her building forever. That might look very suspicious. I had to find a way to protect her when I couldn't be here.

Then I called my Dad. I told him everything that happened today and my suspicions about her having amnesia. He agreed that it was likely. He commended me for stepping in and then said he would be on his way out here first thing in the morning. But I told him I wanted to handle it on my own for now. She was my destined mate, and my responsibility. I wanted to try and help her myself. He understood my perspective and agreed to give me more time. I hoped I wouldn't disappoint him.

I had a hard time sleeping. I couldn't get the images from today out of my head. Primarily the danger Amber was in. But then every single moment I had spent with her. Could she feel our electrical connection yet? I sure could. But I didn't know if her injuries had somehow blocked me from her. I used to communicate with her telepathically. But I couldn't reach her now. I didn't know what I could do to regain our bond. It wasn't something we ever had to think about. It was always just there, as long as I can remember. Finally, I fell into a restless sleep sometime after 3 in the morning.

I was ready to see her again as soon as I woke up. I was tired, but anxious to get the day started. Would she talk to me today? Would she still sit next to me? I drove by her apartment about an hour before school. Just to see if anything unusual was going on. It seemed pretty quiet. And I hadn't felt any more emotions from her last night. So, I guessed that was a good sign. She came outside around 7:30 with the two girls holding her hands. They walked down the street to what looked like a small school. I guess she was the caretaker of the kids. Obviously, her Foster parents weren't doing anything. She undoubtedly didn't even mind having that kind of responsibility. She was a good person.

I saw her emerge a few minutes later and make her way toward our school. Maybe I would be able to start giving her a ride soon. I needed to back off a bit and not scare her to death. I already knew she was cautious and constantly looking over her shoulder. I decided to give her some space. I waited a while and then took a different rout to school. I didn't want her to notice my Jeep. I hoped she hadn't spotted it last night.

When I got to the parking lot, it was already filling up. I was immediately bombarded with a group of girls when I got out. "Hey Grayson, how was your first day? How do you like Oceana High? Would you like to go to lunch with us this afternoon? We can show you some cool places to eat off campus. There is also a beach close by where lots of the guys surf." I kept walking as they trailed behind, still talking. "Thanks ladies, but I already have plans. Catch ya later!" I quickened my pace and headed to my locker. I wanted to be there when she got to school. I hoped I didn't offend those girls though. I wouldn't want them taking it out on Amber, I mean Riley.

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