Chapter 17

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Driving to the R.V. park felt like we were heading off into the sunset together. I had my girl. Everything was finally going to be okay. She was so surprised when we pulled up. I guess I had overdone it a little. I wanted the top of the line place to travel and live. It looked a little like the ones the rock stars traveled in. Home away from home. Her mouth was hanging open with shock as we went inside. It had everything a house would. Big screen TV, gourmet kitchen, king size bed in the back. I even had a top of the line computer system set up. I was feeling a little self-conscious and materialistic as she looked around.

"This couch becomes a queen-sized bed. I will be sleeping here. You can have the room in the back." "Oh, no, I couldn't take your room. I have never had a room to myself. I wouldn't know what to do with it honestly." "Amber, you are taking the room. You will need privacy and rest. This is not up for discussion." She looked like she was about to argue. I could see her colors going from amazement, to excitement, then to embarrassment. She couldn't settle on one emotion. It was cute. I opened the fridge. It was stocked with food. I was a growing boy after all. "You must be starving." I took out some things to make us sandwiches. She watched quietly and intently as I prepared them.

"Thank you. No one has ever made me food before." She confessed shyly. "Are you kidding me? Your Foster Mom never made you food?" "No, I made the food." "Well, that is going to change. I cook pretty good. My mom taught me. She said a man who couldn't cook, wasn't a real man. I used to cook for you all the time back home." I told her. "Really? What was my favorite?" Her face lit up with anticipation at learning more about herself. "Well, I used to make a really good spaghetti. You said it was your favorite. But you liked a lot of things I made. Steak was pretty high on your list of favorites. We loved to barbeque. You kind of had a sweet tooth. I used to make a peach cobbler that you couldn't resist." She was smiling from ear to ear.

"I haven't had a steak since the accident, I guess. I don't have any idea what it tastes like." "We are just going to have to fix that tonight." I put her sandwich on a plate in front of her. She took a bite and moaned with pleasure. "This is so good Grayson. I have never put avocado on a sandwich. We could never afford it. I mostly had tuna or peanut butter and jelly. And I got free lunch at school. Sometimes I would eat at the restaurant where I worked. But only if the cook had an order someone sent back. He would sneak it into the office for me." She was making me sad. I wanted to cook her the biggest feast of her life right now.

While we ate, I suggested that she call and quit her job. She didn't really like that idea. She felt guilty leaving them without a bookkeeper. Then we discussed how she would find her sisters. Social services didn't like to give out information freely. I suggested I do a little hacking. I also wanted to update the computer on her age status so that she would be eligible to try and get custody of the girls. While I was in there, I would make sure to put some notes in her Foster Parents file about all the abuse the girls had been through. I didn't want those people being able to get any more kids.

We talked all afternoon about her parents and mine. Then I showed her some of the apps we made. She was so excited about it. She immediately understood how it all worked. I knew she would. I let her take a nap while I went to the grocery store and got way more food than we could ever eat. But I wanted to impress her with my culinary skills. I came home with groceries and flowers. She cried when I gave them to her.

That night, after steaks and peach cobbler, we sat on the big bed and watched one of her favorite movies. It was fun to see her laugh at the same things she loved about it years ago. But to her it was all new. I had my arms around her and she was snuggled into me. I couldn't believe that only a month ago, I didn't know if I could even find her. I was careful not to touch any of her skin. I didn't want to hurt her. I knew the pain medication had worn off. I could tell she had a headache, that she wouldn't admit to. She fell asleep with her head on my chest. Right where she belonged.

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