Chapter 13

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What am I doing to her? Is my presence hurting her? I felt so terrible that she was in pain. I didn't know what was happening in her brain. I hoped her head injury wasn't permanent. And if it were, would she always be in pain when I simply touched her hand. That would be awful. I needed to explain our connection. What if she freaks out? I hope she can go into work late or something, so I have a chance to talk to her.

We went to my Jeep after class and I started driving her to work. "Can we go to our spot?" She asked. "Sure, of course." "I just feel really calm there. I think I'm going to need all the help I can get with this conversation". She took out the cell phone and made a call. "Hi Annabelle. I have a really bad headache today. Is it possible for me to get today off? I'm sure it will be gone by tomorrow...okay, yes, thank you so much. See you tomorrow." She looked at me and smiled. "We have a few hours." That was a relief. I needed to talk to her, but I also just needed to spend some time with her. More than the half hour we were getting the last couple of days. The longer I was near her, the more at ease I felt.

I opened her door and she gave me another magnificent smile. We walked to our rock and got comfortable. I had the album too. She might want to see more. "So, I have a lot of explaining to do. I don't think the short story is going to cut it this time." "Yeah, I would really like to know what's going on with me." She admitted. "I don't have all the answers, but I do have some theories.  I will have to start at the beginning."  "And when was the beginning?" she asked. "Long before you and I were ever born." She nodded with some sort of understanding.

"So, you and I are special. Our people are special." "Our people?" She asked. "Yeah, we are human, but we are also just  a little different. Our ancestors had some abilities that most people don't." "Abilities?" she asked surprised. The look on her face made me laugh. "Not like flying or shooting lasers out of our eyes or anything. We are just a little Improved from the average human. We have the same capabilities as everyone else, just much stronger. So you are good with science and numbers. But its way more than that. You are actually brilliant. You don't even realize it. You are a mathematic genius.  But I am getting way ahead of myself. I need to go back a little, to our parents." "Okay, I will try not to interrupt." She said. "You can stop me at any time and ask all the questions you want." I told her.

So, I started over. "We come from a long line of people who are especially smart, strong, intuitive and healthy. Our people live for a very long time. We don't get sick. "Wow, so there must be a lot of you." "Us." I corrected. "But, no, there aren't a lot of us. That is also different. Our people very rarely reproduce. I guess that was natures way of making sure we didn't take over the world." I joked. "Okay, so how many of us are there?" "There are only about fifty. And we all live together in a compound in Colorado." I let her absorb that before I continued. "We can only produce one child in our life time, if we are lucky. Not every couple can have children. So, when a child is born to our people, they are very special and precious. But you and I are particularly special." She nodded for me to continue. Her eyes trained on mine.

"We can only have a child with our bonded mate." "What does that mean?" She asked. "When two children are born in the same month, they are bonded, to each other. Or what some would call soul mates. But it's much deeper than that. A bonded couple are forever linked. They will only ever love each other. They are made for each other. Only a couple, born close to one another like that, can have a child in their lifetime. So very few children are conceived. Your parents and my parents were both bonded couples. When they had you, your Mom and Dad were 203 years old. It took them that long to get pregnant with you. My parents were 180 when they had me." "But in the pictures, they looked 30 years old, at the most!" she protested. "I know, super healthy remember?" "Yeah, okay. I'm just having a hard time getting my head around it."

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