Chapter 21

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Amber was all I could think of day and night. Her bright beautiful eyes, her long shinny hair, her amazing curves, and her kind, thoughtful spirit. She was perfection. Having her back was like seeing the sun after a long cold winter. It was like a refreshing drink of water in the desert. I realize now that I had been only half a man when she was gone. The best part of me was her. My joy, my inspiration, my future. I was finally complete. All I needed was to marry her.

I still worked on my apps and handled the every day business that I needed to do, but I had her by my side as I did it. Making suggestions and thinking of ways to improve upon my ideas. That's what a mate was for. And she would make the perfect one. Her intelligence was astounding. Especially considering the circumstances she lived in the last three years. It didn't stop her from learning and becoming one of the most thoughtful, and sympathetic people I had ever known. She called and spoke with her sisters often. They were working to adopt the girls. That definitely put her mind at ease. She trusted that couple with their care.

My Mom and Dad were true to their word about not leaving us alone. It was frustrating, but also the right thing to do. So, I couldn't complain, much. The few precious moments we shared were short but meaningful. I had no doubt her love for me was as strong as mine for her. Soon, we would be bonded, and no one could break it. I thought of all the things my parents taught me about being a good husband. Their example was exceptional. A bonded couple were always perfect for one another, and you could see that in my parents. They respected and loved each other. I wanted to show Amber that same level of devotion and care. She was easy to love, so I knew I always would. No one could ever replace her in my heart. That's how we were made.

Amber decided she was ready to go next door to her old house. I wasn't so sure. I knew it was going to be hard on her. She decided to go alone. I was not happy about that. I wanted to be there for her. To help her process the loss of her parents when she walked into their room and saw the photographs on the walls. But she insisted she was strong enough and that she needed to do this. My parents also encouraged her to take us with her. But she wasn't having it.

I know it was only right next door. I could watch her walk there. We didn't even have a fence between the two houses. Our parents had built them together, side by side on the same property. I could also feel her emotions, so if it got too bad, I could walk over there and bring her back. "Amber, please let me know if you need me. I will be waiting outside." "Grayson, you are so thoughtful, but I'm going to be fine." She walked into the house and shut the door. I stayed outside, sensing her. Apprehension, joy, sadness, excitement. They were all coming so fast, one right after the other. I felt everything as she walked through the house. I could tell when she got to her room. The soothing feeling of comfort. She loved her room. Most of the pictures in there were of her and I. This room was safe. Then I felt her slight nervousness, trepidation to go forward. She must have been at her parent's room. That anxiety turned to sorrow, then longing. I could actually feel that she was crying. My precious girl. I sent her warm, loving feelings. I hoped it would help.

Then suddenly, everything changed. Intense fear, confusion, pain. I was running to the front door immediately. "What's going on?" No response. Just terror. The door was locked. I jammed my shoulder into it hard. I could hear her crying. I went to the window and broke it. I put my jacket on the edge with all the sharp glass and slid inside. I ran to her parent's room. There she was on the ground with her hand on her throat. I rushed over to see what happened. Then all I saw was blood, pouring out of her neck. She was pale. I put my hand over her throat to help stop the bleeding. She looked at me with terrified eyes. I tried to pick her up and still keep the blood from escaping. It wasn't working. I yelled to my parents, as loud as I could. Hoping they would hear me. "You are going to be okay baby. Just hang on." I pulled off my shirt and wrapped it around her neck. That allowed me to pick her up. I carried her quickly outside. My parents were coming towards the house. At the sight of us, they ran and met me half way. "Call the overseer to get the medical facility ready." I told my Dad.

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