Chapter 5

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My day wasn't quite going the way I expected. I thought I would walk up to her, she would see me and throw her arms around me. But that didn't happen. I had yet to even come face to face with her. I started trying to discreetly ask questions about her. But I didn't get any real solid answers. "Do you mean the totally hot foster chick?" was the most any of the guys had to say about her. I was bombarded with unwanted attention at lunch. These girls were bold and relentless. Couldn't they see I wasn't interested? I was trying to be sly about checking out Amber, or Riley, as she was known here. One of the more obnoxious girls caught my gaze. "Don't bother with her. She's trash. Still wearing the same old clothes as last year." I wanted to defend her. But I knew I had to keep my opinions to myself for now.

One really good thing had happened. When I was in her presence, I could see the colors again. It was so amazing. I thought I would never get to experience that again. When I lost her, I lost that ability as well. It was all her. She was the special one. I could feel the electricity flowing inside me when she was around. My amber bracelet was also working. I wish I could communicate with her. I just needed her to talk to me. Her beautiful amber color radiated like a beacon to me. It was my absolute favorite color. I couldn't wait to see her gorgeous eyes. I needed to sit near her in one of our classes. I would get two more chances today before school was over. Science and art. I tried to get into the science room quickly so I wouldn't end up all the way in the front again. She always sat in the back, hiding. I found the classroom during the end of lunch break so that I could be one of the first inside.

When the door opened, I made my way to the last row in the back. I chose the middle seat so that I had a chance she would sit on either side of me. I felt her before I saw her. The little electrical tingles up and down my spine. Then the warmth of my amber piece. I wonder if she could feel it too. She looked directly at me when she entered the room. The first time our eyes have met. It was almost magical. I could see the sudden intake of her breath. She stopped dead in her tracks. No one was behind her. She simply stared at me. Her amber eyes gazing into my gray ones. Did she know who I was? She looked at every part of my face. Studying me. Did she see the boy she used to love? Then she looked down to my chest and arms. Her eyes popped back up to mine quickly. I could see a blush start on her cheeks. What was that about? Was she embarrassed for checking me out? She didn't need to be. I was hers.

She looked at the seats on either side of me. I could tell she was debating if she should sit next to me. Come on, just do it, I thought. More students were coming into the classroom now. One of those crazy girls was going to take her seat if she didn't claim it now. I looked at the seat closest to her on my left and smiled, hoping she would get the hint. She slowly moved towards it. My heart started racing. Could she read my colors of excitement and anxiousness? She stood next to the chair for a moment and looked back into my eyes. I tried to tell her to take it. Why couldn't she just read my thoughts like before? I looked down at the chair and back at her once again. This was agonizing. "It's empty if you want to take it." I finally told her. She gave me a half smile and sat down. Thank goodness.

Roll began, and I caught the brief smile appear on her face when the teacher called my name. I want to see more of that smile. I had to find a way to get through to her. To remind her who I was. But why didn't she know already? Had she really forgotten all about me and our bond? We were literally born for each other. How could she not remember someone who played such an important part in her life? Then it hit me. Why hadn't I realized it before? My beautiful girl has amnesia! That had to be it. It's the only logical explanation.

I wasn't concentrating all through class. All I could do was notice her electricity. The slight hum of energy rushing between the two of us that had always been there. I just wanted to touch her hand. She would feel the spark that always connected us telepathically when we first touched. All I had to do was reach over there and it would happen. But I couldn't do that. It might totally freak her out. And everyone in class would notice her freaking out. This probably wasn't a good place to do it. I had to be patient and wait for a better time.

The girl to the right of me was tossing her hair and trying to get my attention. I could see the sparks of green envy as I paid little attention to her and turned my body toward Amber. Ambers eyes drifted over to the girl. I saw the small glint of satisfaction in her eye as she must have noticed the color as well. Now that was funny. I guess my girl is still attracted to me. Even though she doesn't remember me or any of our life together. I will help her remember. I will put all the pieces back together for her.

I wanted to talk to her, but I had to wait until class was over. When the bell rang, she jumped out of her seat like a bat out of hell. Why was she running from me? "Wait," I said quietly. She turned and looked right into my eyes with a questioning glance. "See you around." I said lamely. Oh God, was that the best I could do? She simply smiled, then turned and left without a word. I watched her walk out the door with her hair flowing behind her like a cape. The other girl next to me offered to show me to my next class. I declined by telling her I already knew where it was, which I didn't.

I agonized through the day until the next class I would share with her again. I looked at my map and made a bee line to the art room. But this room was set up in a circle. I had no idea where she would choose to sit. I studied the layout. I headed to the corner that was furthest from the door but also faced it so that she could see who was coming in and out. I figured that's something that mattered to her. She always seemed to be on high alert. Smart girl.

I was looking down at the class syllabus in front of me when I felt her enter the room. Once again, she stopped and watched me. I smiled and glanced at the chair to my left. She smiled back and sat beside me with no extra prodding. I guess I'm making headway. This might not be as hard as I thought. I could see the blush rising to her cheeks again. That was adorable. I hoped she would never stop blushing because of me. I saw the little sparks of maroon embarrassment around her. She glanced at the papers on the desk in an attempt to avoid looking at me. "Do you like art?" I asked. I knew the answer to that already. She was obsessed with colors. Once we had painted her room together. She wanted every shade of blue that existed, from lightest to darkest. And the ceiling she wanted light steel blue so that she could feel close to me even when she was asleep.

"I love art." She said honestly. They were the first words she had ever spoken directly to me since I lost her. That made my smile burst out on my face. I must have looked like an idiot. "I love art too." I told her. Boy did I have a way with words today. Her genuine smile matched mine. Then I saw the burst of hot pink... joy. I was so overwhelmed to see them. I remember seeing the sparks of joy surround her often. Usually, I was the cause. I liked to think that I was the source of them right now.

I tried to concentrate as the teacher discussed the syllabus and the projects we would be doing this year. This was the advanced art class. So we had some pretty cool things we would be trying. I was really glad I put myself into this class with her. Her artistic side had always drawn me in. She was freer and more excited when she was creating. Maybe we would be paired together for a project. The teacher seemed pretty cool and laid back too. Her color was a light yellow which told me she was happy. She had pops of coral which were basically excited anticipation. Amber had taught me the meaning of all the different colors. She could tell the slightest variation in hue and what it literally meant. We had created a list over the years. None of our people had this ability. So, it was up to us to document it. I had forgotten a lot of them until today. The first day of high school is a great place to study emotions. And younger people tended to be more honest with their feelings. Their colors were more vibrant. Less muddied than older people. They experienced a range of emotions all the time. Whereas adults tended to hold back a little. Maybe they had better control over them. I don't know. But I'm sure Amber did.

Art class ended way too soon. I knew that she had to go to work for her last period of the day. I was disappointed that I wouldn't see her again until tomorrow. I watched her walk down the hill toward her job. That sucked. She never got to participate in after school sports or activities. But I don't think she would have, even if given the chance. She didn't want to stand out. She wanted to blend into the background. I don't see how that was possible with her gorgeous face. Who wouldn't look twice at those amazing eyes and full lips? I saw how the other guys looked at her. Quite a few lust colors sparked as she walked past people. I didn't like that at all. They didn't know her. How special she was. All they knew was what they saw on the outside. They didn't see her goodness and kindness. They didn't know about her crappy home life. But I knew. It was my mission to help her. To get back what she had lost three years ago in that accident.

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