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"Morax. You spilled your tea." The words
spilled out.

"No, uh. I was just surprised." He responded, after he reluctantly spit his tea out of his own mouth.

"What? Why?" The goddess would ask in innocence.

"Well, a goddess like yourself. Chugging a 3ft bottle of wine would surprise anyone."

"You've seen me drink wine before..."

"Yes, in small cups...."

"Wine is wine, and I'll drink it. But I hate tea. What if those leaves scrape my throat?"

"They won't. I assure you."

The two were on her mountain, where there was a temple she lives in. And it is a spiritual mountain range.

"You haven't drank tea before, so you would not know." Zhongli, deadpans at her.

They've known each other for almost 4,000~3,000 years. And don't keep count.

"If you try wine, I'll try your tea. Deal?"

"So this is a contract. Ones who break their contract shall suffer the wrath of the ro-"

"Yes. I KNOW I KNOW." She whined annoyingly.

"I-fine. Give me that wine." He held his hand out. As she grabbed his teacup, and grimaced. While the geo archon looked less intrigued at the size of the bottle.

"Oh geez. Are you judging me for how much I can drink?"

"N-never..." He swallowed a lump in his throat.

The two drank each others respected drinks. And as soon as they got a taste, they spit it out immediately.

"Hey! Don't spit my wine!"

"You spit my tea out."

"It was bitter, and plain."

"The wine nearly burned my whole mouth. I can't believe you'd drink this all."



"Give me back my drink." They said at the same time. Clearly hating the others drink. And soon relaxed.

"I must get back to the funeral parlor." Zhongli stood up from the table.

"Go right on ahead." She swat a hand at him in dismissal. Not looking at the man.

"Yes, I will." He would say with confidence for literally no reason. But no one minds.

She stuck her tongue out. And he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Psssh, poopoohead." She mumbled. Getting up herself, as she wanted to take a bath. The only personal servant, or assistant was Ming. And she is half adepti herself, living long enough to know the goddess in and out.

"Ming, I'll be taking a bath in the lake."

"As you wish, lady Xiwangmu."

'Xiwangmu,' is her goddess name that everyone calls her. (Based off of a real goddess in China known throughout the other Asian countries.) Morax, or Zhongli, the man with many names, is the only one who calls her, her real name, along with one from Mondstadt. And another, but they have deceased.

The lake is a beautiful shade of a pale blue, as it would twinkle under the moonlight. As she dipped into the pool lake, she relaxed as she felt a tinge of coldness. And her hair sank, and flowed across the small surface. But her thoughts were interrupted when there was a growl of a demon.

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