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Xiao is always ready to save Liyue, and it's people. But who will be ready to save Xiao?

That's a simple question, with a simple answer.

Y/N will.

She's already helped him with his mental state multiple times, so the new question is... is who's going to help her mental state? Her past? The nightmares, and killing she's been through? She can only hope she will be of freed of them too. Morax hopes the same. We can expect Xiao to save her. Though he doesn't know it. Only a matter of time, will they understand, surely.

Xiao and Barbatos watch from the bushes for a while. The demons are only left with two more. But they seem to be more of the powerful ones. Full of malice. Chongyun wasn't quite sure of anything anymore. But he seems slightly relieved that the numbers have gone down quite a large amount.

"Barbatos. I don't think she can handle the rest, they seem more darker."

"Well I mean— they are dark demon figures. Of course they're dark." Barbatos shrugged nonchalantly.

"No. They are much more stronger than the previous ones she fought. And she's fatiguing, wouldn't it be wise to help her out?" Xiao's spear appeared in his hand as he gripped it.

Barbatos didn't answer this time.

"Why aren't you saying anything? Shouldn't we??" He was getting impatient slightly, and Barbatos only glanced up at him. Then back at the battlefield.

Xiao reluctantly turned his head to the side, to see what he's looking at.

"Okay. Guess I'll have to copy Morax then."
Y/N mumbled, then pushed Chongyun more behind her. Making sure he doesn't get caught up in her attack.

And without further ado, she summoned a whole shower of stars. Star showers? Much like Morax's meteor, that would petrify anything in its way.

The demons only screeched. A horrible screech. Scratching at her ear, she cringed at the sound.

The blow didn't work.

The demons grew in size. And it seemed to have invited, or alerted, a new guest.

"Chongyun, go. Go somewhere else." Y/N ushered the poor boy. He looked absolutely lost, and confused.

"But—" He tried to retort, but she pushed him forward. Y/N turned back around. And once Chongyun fleeted near the bush Barbatos and Venti was in, Barbatos yanked the boy down.


"Shshshshshshhhhh!" Barbatos shushed.

Chongyun looked even more confused.

"Adeptus Xiao, too? What are you doing here?"

Xiao slightly grumbled. "That demon turned into something much more terrifying. We have to get rid of it quickly."

"Miss won't let me help."

Barbatos snorted, with a shrug and a knowing look.

"I'm going out." Xiao got up. The two other boys simply looked at him. One frantic, the other completely relaxed with the situation.

"I hate you. You know that?" Y/N growled at the demon figure. Then sighed with frustration. "You didn't have to screech so loud, I'm right here." She said with sarcasm dripping from her mouth with her words.

Before the demon could even attack her again, Xiao went and fought it himself. Though, is dark vs dark affective?

Y/N stood there stunned, while the gust of wind blew her hair forward, in front of her eyes.

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