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It was her mountain again. Before many many years back, when she wasn't an adeptus. She was never human to begin with either. Not even a spirit. More like... a celestial spirit. If, that makes sense.

She didn't take on a human appearance. She was in the form of something intimidating, to drive demons out of her mountain, and the village near. It was her job to protect it.

The only other spirit she would talk to, was Ming. Who was a small 'Columbidae.' A silent bird, and was small. Some would think she was a pigeon, but pigeons aren't green on the wings. Nor did they have such beady red eyes.

Xiwangmu's mountain was filled with celestial, spirits and beings, of all kind. In which where some unsightly beings. The greedy mortals perhaps, who were in search for one of them for becoming rich. And of course she didn't let that sly. She had the sharpest fangs out of them all, and maybe the most scariest glare. She might have killed some mortals along the way.

Nobody, and I mean nobody was able to make it out if they ever went in. Meaning she has a killing streak possibly. But it was broken. She wasn't able to kill one person.

Guizhong, and partially Rex Lapis.


"Why did you come all the way to Wangshu Inn and summon me?" Xiao was grumpy like always to the people. He's quite frank, really.


"Well! I haven't seen you in a while."

"I doubt you thought of wanting to visit the past few years."

"Oh don't be like that! I'm generous enough to come visit once in a while. WITH MY WINE!!" He held up a similar bottle of wine a certain somebody would drink from.

Xiao immediately shook his head no. He's far too cautious for the mortal mind, and the drunkard bard.

"But it's vintage~" He sang as if Xiao would agree to such terms, and 'bribery' as he would describe it.

"But the old blockhead told me you drank with someone. And I know that someone. So we should go to that someone." A/N: (Venti and Xiao both know Zhongli is alive, just an FYI) Barbatos' grin only grew wider as he knew Xiao would probably comply. Cause... you know.


"Let's head on out!"

Xiao wondered, why did he agree to go with Barbatos???

Barbatos just kept humming and being all cheerful like always while they went up the mountain.

"I forgot how tall this mountain of her's is..." And after a few more steps they made it to the very top. "No wonder why mortals don't come up here very much."

Barbatos wasted no time to yell for her.

"Oh Y/N~!"

'I thought only Rex Lapis and I call her Y/N?' Xiao thought to himself whilst following his anemo companion.

"Are you looking for Lady Xiwangmu?"

"Oh? You're uh...." Barbatos tilted his head in confusion.


Barbatos snapped his fingers in realization. "Of course! I remember!"

'He doesn't remember.' Xiao and Ming thought.

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