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"Restore order through slaughter, purge evil through battle, to this, we dedicate our lives."

"Why do you know that?" Xiao turned to Y/N, slightly surprised. The oath the yakshas swore to follow.

"This is one of my favorites. It truly shows the loyalty the yakshas had." She picked up a Qingxin flower that was on the ground, and handed it to Xiao with a smile again. And he took the small flower from her hands.

"What's the point in reciting it to me?"

"I wasn't necessarily reciting it. I just felt like wanting to say them. Do you have a problem?" Xiao shook his head, no.

Lately Y/N has been slightly aggressive. But it didn't feel wrong. Wether, it felt more right, and true per say. He liked it. He liked a lot of those hidden features of her. If the nice facade of her's was fake. And the passive aggressive one was her true one, then he's slightly happy she's showing her true self.

They were on top of Qingyun Peak, next to the Zhongli statue. And Xiao had to stop her from vandalizing Rex Lapis' abs into looking like blocks of squares instead.

"You see the wind that's blowing up, and the small land in the air?" Y/N pointed.

Xiao squinted his eyes to try to focus his perspective, onto the sky. Then nodded.

"If you ride the wind up, a few rock steps will appear. If you follow those up, you'll find your way up to the small round land."

"Is that so."

"At least try to act interested, really." She huffed upset. And played with the qingxin. Xiao stared at his flower, noticing a heart on it.

"Why did we come to the mountains again?" Xiao turned his attention on to her.

"Hm? To look at the sunset of course. There are not any monsters around here, so we're not here to kill any."

Xiao slumped his shoulders while he sat on the grass.

Y/N gave a hum in contemplation. "Let's head back to my mountain. The bottom of it."

"The bottom?" He's never thought about the very bottom of the mountain.


The floor in front of the mountain, was large. And was a large grass plain. Xiao didn't understand why they were here.

"This whole place used to be a village. The people here were very kind."

"Were?" He asked.

"They're all gone now. They would come to the shrine and pray for the evil near them to be abolished by me." She walked across the plain, and picked up a ragged doll. She knew who this doll belonged to. But she was gone too, so Y/N could only grip onto the memories.

The owner of the doll was a very kind child. Her grandmother and her would come pray every day.

"I just wanted to show you the place. I don't have anything else to say, if you're wondering."

"I wasn't..." Xiao saw her pained face. He knew she had something to do with the events that might have happened here.

But they're all history in the books, where no one knows what really happened other than the village people, and Y/N. She seems to know quite well about the people here.

"Ok, let's go. I've had enough of looking now."

'But you're the one who said to come here... really. She doesn't know how to hide her feelings does she? And she gets bored easily...' Xiao sighed, while following Y/N back up the mountain.

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