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—Final Chapter—


Zhongli and Venti both said the same thing, in complete bewilderment, and in confusion.

"You're joking right? Xiao?" Venti muttered, as he stared straight at the adeptus, who stared back looking puzzled.

"Does he have selective amnesia?" Zhongli asked, turning to Venti who had his mouth open.

Zhongli didn't look very happy either. The two know the one thing Y/N said she was afraid of, especially with Xiao.

She didn't like being forgotten. And she had been forgotten once by him, and now she had been forgotten again.

What's more, is that she has been missing since Xiao has been asleep from his injuries, and from severe fatigue and pain.

"Tell me, who is Y/N?" Xiao said again, with his eyebrows raised towards the two, who looked at him even more concerned. And hurt, for Y/N. She would be even more hurt if she had known she was forgotten by Xiao. They both knew their close relationship, they knew the two were in love. Which hurts even more.

"Uh— um..." Venti was lost at words, the two gods looked at each other. He sat down on the edge of Xiao's bed rubbing the back of his head, not exactly sure on what to do to help Xiao remember something.

Zhongli opened his mouth to say something.

"Do you really not remember who she is?"

Xiao's mouth was slightly agape. He was shocked to see Zhongli look very... disappointed...

He shook his head no, with a grim look.

"I don't think it's a severe amnesia... I hope his memories return." Venti mumbled.

"I will go and ask Baizhu to take a look." Zhongli got up from his stool and rushed out, quickly heading to Liyue Harbor.

Venti snapped his fingers to go and do something himself.

"I need to go see Ming! Maybe she knows something!" The anemo archon left out the window, casually jumping out of it.

Xiao was confused himself. He never got answers on who this 'Y/N' was. His stronger instincts told him to remember. To try and find out. To see them, and to find them.

Sudden feelings of determination took over. He couldn't even remember who this person was, so they might as well be a stranger. He felt bad... and felt that a piece of him was missing.

Xiao slowly got out of the bed, and winced slightly at the pain on his abdomen, and leg.

He wanted to find this person. But he had no clue on where to go, where would he have gone?

Xiao remembered a few fragments of what he had dreamed about.

A white tiger, and a mountain. And the voice of Zhongli... but what was about it.

What did they all have to do with his memory? Surely there was a connection.

Xiao felt another headache form, but it was a milder one, after he had taken the painkillers that were given, they felt better. But they were certainly bitter.

Xiao dropped his hands on the side of his body, and stared at the wooden floor. He just couldn't remember a certain parts of his memories. Why was he even so injured in the first place? His clothes had been stained with blood. Not human mortal blood, demonic blood. Which was for certain.

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