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"Zhongli, why did you bring your own tea from home, when we came to buy coffee?"

"I prefer my tea over coffee, Y/N."

"Then why did you want me to come with you to the coffee shop?!"

He looked away from the girl, as he sipped his tea from the plastic cup that was recyclable. Zhongli invited his twin sister to a coffee shop somewhere near their neighborhood. When he doesn't even like coffee...

"Never mind. I'm gonna go buy some for myself. Do you want a cake pop or something?" She turned on her heel to walk into the store, going to go and open the glass doors open. But stopped to wait for an answer.

"Does the cake pop?"

She ignored his question and went straight into the cafe.

'What the hell does he mean by, does the cake pop? Was that supposed to be a pun? Or was he just plain stupid? Oh well, he was never the one to know the obvious. He doesn't even know what a sugar daddy was when he has one.'

The warm breeze, and the pleasant smell of the coffee beans, swarmed the air. Her friend who works there gives her discounts every time she comes to visit, and a free cake pop.

"Hey Diluc! Busy as ever?" She walked over to the counter, as the red haired man tied his high ponytail slightly tighter to his liking, and dusted his black apron off.

"Yes, you know we're very popular here."

"Must be great to own such a successful store? People really like coffee."

Diluc shrugged, and gave her a look to ask what she wanted.

"The usual."

"Got it, $5.89." He tapped the screen, and took the card from her hands, and quickly swiped the card.

"How's Kaeya?" She asked trying not to be in the awkward silence.

"He's busy with college. I heard his soccer team was going to nationals or something." His hatefulness and annoyance of his 'brother' made him sound even more agitated than usual. Why were they one such a bad basis with each other?

She walked away, as another person walked up behind her to order something.

Zhongli sat at a tall table stool, as he sat and waited for her to return.

"Zhongli, I ordered a cake pop." She handed one to her twin with one in her mouth.

Yeah, they're college kids. And they have money. Except Zhongli never remembers to bring his wallet, so she can never trust him to pay for anything for her. But that's where his boyfriend Tartaglia comes in clutch. That boy is able to do any deed Zhongli wishes. God—he's such a sugar daddy...

Y/N sat scrolling through her phone, and saw a text from her favorite future brother-in-law.


What do you want???

Your brother's hand in marriage 🙌💍

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