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"If I were to be missing. Would you come find me?"

"Why would you ask me such a thing?" Xiao didn't take his eyes off of his plate of almond tofu, while he devoured it. And his cheeks became a little plump, and chubby.

"No reason." Xiwangmu chuckled as he raised an eyebrow, at her reaction.

Xiao couldn't understand this goddess he's become 'accustomed' to.  It was accustomed to come visit her every day. Like his daily routine. Saving Liyue when danger calls, like always.

If he could just jump right into her mind, he would do so. It was annoying how she was unpredictable at most times.

"Wanna come to Dragonspine with me?" She suddenly spoke up.

Xiao slowly looked up at her. Snow. Yes. The snow. The snowy mountains, snowy flakes, snowy creatures—

"And why would I have to go to a cold place with subzero temperature?"

"You're not very willing today, are you? Well that's fine. I'll just head on by myself then." She got up.

'Wait, now?' Xiao thought to himself. He suddenly felt a need to keep watch, or she might get lost. But the environment is similar to her mountain. But no snow...

"Oh mighty vigilant Yaksha, please grace me with your presence. I have become lost of my surroundings. And cannot tell which is left, and which is right." She imitated some preacher. Some goddamn preacher. And Xiao cringed at that.

"What?" He growled almost.

"Just come to Dragonspine with me. It'll be fun."

"But it's cold."

"Are you weak to the cold?"


"Then I don't see the problem." She smugly replied. And Xiao fought back a click of his tongue in irritation.

Lately, the more he spent time with her, the more annoying she's gotten. According to Xiao.


He actually followed her to Dragonspine.

There were lots of snow, and they tried to find a small camp site somewhere with heat to warm up first.

Xiwangmu had a blanket, and offered Xiao a warmer. But he declined. He was sleeveless for Archon's sake. And half of his back was exposed with his 'v-cut' design.

He sneezed. And still denied the warmth. You could see the goosebumps starting to form on his pale skin.

So Xiwangmu threw a blanket at him, and held out a soup. Vegetable soup that Ming made for the two. It was like a field trip for children.

"Do you regret coming to Dragonspine yet? If you do, I'd like to go back to Liyue." Xiao technically whined.

"Nope." She popped the 'p.' While snuggling into the blanket again. And Xiao did the same. He looked like a shivering cat in the cold. Well... they were in the cold.

"Besides. We're close to Mondstadt. I'd visit there first."

"I'm wasting my time here."

"Don't say that! I invited you. You should be grateful."

"What's so great about being in the cold?"

"Well you're sleeveless." She moved her eyes down to his arms that were covered with the blanket as of now.

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