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Hey hey! I haven't had much time to talk like this.

Don't worry, I'm NOT here to tell you I'm going on a hiatus. I just wanted to take some time to talk to you all :)

First things first, I am absolutely STOKED that I actually have 7k readers. I published this story once, before. And it only had one chapter. But then I left it in my drafts, and started a separate story. And then I decided to publish this story again. And I think you might have heard other authors say this but, THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3

Secondly, when I wanted to write a story, I thought of how fun it would be to read everyone's comments on various things. And I'm happy to see so many people commenting, and voting. So thanks!! (*'꒳'*)

Thirdly, I had another thought. In case anybody has questions on anything, I will try my best to answer to the best of my abilities. Feel free to either message, or just throw it in the comments down on the bottom of this message. (I'll have a little section ready.)

Fourth, I will not be doing smut, lemons, limes, etc. I'm not comfortable with it, but if anybody else is interested in writing it for me, I'd gladly agree, and give you credit for it. (I like reading them, instead of writing them. Thank you for your understanding.)

Fifth, I have another story I'm working on, and it's in my drafts at the moment. It only has three chapter so far, so after I've finished this story, I might publish it. I had an idea on this story and characters, after I started writing "If, and Only If." If you're wondering....

It's an Albedo x Reader. ;)

Sixth, I might be done with this story soon. But not anytime soon, if you get what I'm saying. Only a few chapters left, I'm planning on. And after the last chapter, THERE WILL BE AN EPILOGUE, so make sure to wait for that, and then you can put this story in the archive, if you'd like.

Seventh, to be completely honest, you have no idea how embarrassed I was when writing the kiss scene. I have no idea why, I kept smiling like an idiot too. I felt happy that I finally was able to get to that point of their relationship.

Eighth, I'm writing this in the car....

Ninth, I hope to see you all in future stories I write. And there will be times when my updating may become inconsistent at one point.

Tenth, I keep seeing comments on when Xiwangmu says, "So you missed my taste?" And flirty Xiao saying, "So you like my taste?" I never realized how wrong it sounded until you guys started commenting on it, and I had my fare share of laughs from them. I don't plan on changing it AT ALL, soooo ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ

Eleventh, where do you all suddenly come from to read this story? I'm genuinely curious.

Twelfth, that's all I have to say. Bye now!

{You can ask questions here, to your comfort. Feel free to ask away}

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