(Special Chapter)

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Art: @lyoo_lyoo on Twitter

A/N: I've been searching for an idea for a chapter. And I've got one. I saw the original design for Xiao. (I call him "Red Xiao.") And he's more open, and kind of like Xiwangmu/(Y/N).

So enjoy. Personality switch. And a little flirty Xiao.

"Why do you keep visiting me? I told you to leave me alone." Y/N seemed rather agitated than annoyed.

"Hm? Well, because you're just too interesting to leave alone." His eyes held ulterior motives. But his actions were certainly more straightforward, as he managed to slide an arm around her waist. While she slammed her bottle of wine harshly on the table.

"What do you think you're doing, Xiao." Her glare was rather piercing than cold. She looked very, and I mean very upset. And Xiao held his hands up in a mocking surrender. With a chuckle.

"Can't you spare a bit of touching?"

"No." She turned her head away from the flirty adeptus with a huff.

"But I have your favorite food~" He held up a plate of f/f. (Favorite food.) She could smell it from a mile away, and turned back around. Eyeing him up and down in case he was planning something else, then stole the food.


"No need to tell me twice, Y/N. I've noticed you allow me to give you food offerings, but not being around me. Why is that?"

"I just like the food." She munched on it some more.

"So you like my taste?" (Chapter 2 flashbacks)


Xiao held a smile, while adoring the other's features. He liked being around them, if it wasn't obvious. But she doesn't like his very open attitude, as she feels like she's being mocked all the time.

"Could you play me that flute again?" Xiao inquired. And held up her flute.

Y/N glanced up from her food and stared at his hand that had her wooden instrument.

'When did he take it?'

"No." She refused again.

"Could you play it please? It calms me down a lot, and you know the darkness doesn't fade away on its own all the time."

"..after I've finished eating. Then I'll play it."

Few more food munches later, she wiped her mouth after drinking from the wine bottle again. Some vintage wine from Barbatos, because he owed her from last time when he was being attacked in Mondstadt by cats. And his... cat. Allergies.

Y/N didn't enjoy playing in front of people like the bard, Barbatos, and being in so much attention. But being able to play some music has its perks. Even though she doesn't enjoy playing with people around, she makes an exception for Xiao. He has his own problems despite his care free open nature. Being all smiley and flirty....

Even the first few notes calmed Xiao down. That's how effective it is. Music seems to just calm him down for some odd reason and he's not complaining of course.

"Are you happy? Now leave. It's for your own good." She shooed him away.

"Nope. I'm not leaving. I came all the way here to even give you a food offering. I'm not heading back until I get something in return as a 'thank you.'" He slumped down in his seat.

"I already played you a song, what else do you need?"

"That was a small fraction of the appreciation that I deserve."

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